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  • vox ac30 cc1 or cc2

    i am looking for a little bit of help here picking out one of these.i went to my local music store and tried them both out but did not see a huge difference(maybe with all the comings and goings in the shop)anyway anyone any suggestions(are the neodog speakers better than the vox gsh 12 30)thanks.

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    I feel like the AC30CC1 and AC30CC2 are somewhat different beasts, with the CC2 being 2x12" speakers and the CC1 being 1x12"

    Generally speaking, the NeoDog Celestion with regards to the AC15CC1X vs. AC15CC1 fetches quite a premium price over the GSH12-30 speaker.
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      The Vox AC30 CC1 isn't made anymore. The were blown out by dealers for $699.00, so pay less then this. I have one but paid slightly more. I like the Neodog speaker - it can fart out in certain situations but it maybe the capacitor settings I am using or the open cab. I like the speaker so much that I am looking to using the Celestion Century (one of them is a renamed neodog) Speaker for a 2-12 cab.

      The amp sounds great by itself and takes pedals very well.

      I already have a 2-12 amp so the 1-12 was perfect. It can also run a cab too. The only down fall is no channel switching but I use pedals for my dirt so no big deal.
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        I have the CC2 and it seems pretty solid. And heavy. Very heavy. I have the model with the wharfdales, but they sound fine to me. Ac30 all the way
        I blues. it good.

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          yea, cant seem to make my mind up,i only play guitar at home so it will never be needed to gig so i might have to go and try them again.