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Peavey XXX combo EL34? 6L6? 6550? which should I get?


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  • Peavey XXX combo EL34? 6L6? 6550? which should I get?

    I have a peavey XXX 2x12 and am going to retube it, I like a lot of crunch and will be using mostly EMG actives or Charvel with Jackson actives.

    What is the difference if I use the EL-34's

    The 6l6's?

    Will the 6550's work too?

    Which tube for the XXX will give me the best crunchiest sound, I play rythm and lead also have a Carvin Legacy for my other amp so this is the higher gain amp.

    Thanks Much
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    I like 6L6 because it sounds darker and fatter. Many here like the EL34s. I'd suggest doing a search as this subject has been bashed out many times.


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      I have the smaller version of the XXX combo, kinda wondering it too, since I have NO idea how old the tubes are. I bought it used.


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        EL34's will surely sound crunchiest. It will yield a more vintage tone, more mids, and less boom in the bass. I ran my XXX head, as well as the JSX I owned, with EL34's. Rubys in the XXX, JJ in the JSX. Depends on what you want. Mullard reissues, and SED's would sound fantastic as well.

        6L6's give a boomier, round bass, and a more modern/recto kinda flavor.
        JJ 6L6's, as well as SED & Rubys work well. My XXX came stock with the Rubys, which sounded nice, before the swap to EL34's, (which were also Rubys).

        My opinion? EL34's, hands down. They give it a more raw, open tone. The 6L6's sound congested in the XXX.

        Hope this helps, as well as this link. Doug will provide you with the tubes you need, when you know what you're after, tonally.
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