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Attenuater + Vintage amp = mismatching ohms/load?

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  • Attenuater + Vintage amp = mismatching ohms/load?

    Hmmm, I just noticed some info on the paperwork I got with my Dr.Z Airbrake.
    I'm playing a 68 Bass plexi into an 8 Ohm Dr.Z 2x12 cab. I have the amp at the 8 ohm setting, into the airbrake, into my 8 ohm cab. The info with the airbrake suggests an 8ohm amp setting into a 16ohm cab to eliminate stress on the output tranny. So, I guess i should run my Marshall 4 ohms out to my 8 ohm cab? This is my first attenuater, I just want to be sure...

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    Sounds goofy to me. Tube amps are generally happier with a lower impedance speaker than one that's too high. I'd just match everything up.


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      thanks, anybody else?


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        I got the new family style attenuator, one size fits all and I can turn it up as loud as I want..