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Any opinions on Celestion G12L speakers?


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  • Any opinions on Celestion G12L speakers?

    Although I already own Mesa Boogie and Fender tube amps,I found a great deal and bought a used Marshall VS 8040 that came with a stock G12L. It sounds decent, considering that the amp is not the holy grail of tone - although sounds pretty good with my Mesa Boogie tube pre-amp in front of it. But I'm wondering if another speaker like a Vintage 30, or maybe an Eminence, Jensen, or Weber would be a nice upgrade. I'm not that familiar with the G12L but from what I've read, some people speak highly of them. One thing I'm looking for is clean headroom, so I want a speaker that doesn't break up early like a Greenback. I've read that the G12L is a lower sensitivity and provides less volume than some other speakers, like the V30, but I don't know too much about that aspect. Any thoughts?

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    I have one of those amps as well. The G12L is a 40 watt 4 ohm speaker. It has a bright tone and a decent amount of headroom. When you crank it the amp will distort more than the speaker.


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      The G12-L was the standard speaker in the Marshall Valvestate cabs. They are rated for 35 watts and about 96 db (which is pretty quiet). They came in both 16 and 8 ohms and have a tiny 20 oz magnet.

      Not a bad speaker for cheap money, but not really that good either. The bass response is terrible and the high end isn't that bright, which can be a good thing.


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        They came in both 16 and 8 ohms and have a tiny 20 oz magnet.

        Mine has 4 ohms stamped on the chassis. I never knew that they were rated at 35 watts. I was told 40 and never thought to question it because the amp is 40 watts.


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          they suck
          i use to play with this cab at studio
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