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Weekly Spam Thread 3/31/08


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  • Weekly Spam Thread 3/31/08

    HA HA! I actually beat you guys to it this week!
    I had a signature once...

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    Selling as a pair of 16 ohm Eminence speakers:
    THE GOVERNOR and MAN O WAR (Taken from my Splawn cab)

    Ebtech Hum Eliminator MINT: Kills ground loop hum!

    Pro co CB-1 Direct Box XLR - 1/4 NEVER USED!

    Custom pro SCALLOPED guitar neck (Floyd Rose ready)

    Beautiful H S H guitar body with neck plate

    G-Minor MIDI Foot Controller + Planet Waves Midi Cable

    Quad of matched JJ kt77 (used functioning perfect, offers)

    Quad of matched JJ EL34's (used functioning perfect, offers)

    Quad of JJ pre's (unused, offers)
    Check out my band "Tock" Debut album coming out soon:


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      WD ash tele body finished in tobacco sunburst. Like new, never assembled. Here's a link to WD's product page:

      I bought it but then a deal on a complete sunburst tele fell into my lap. I don't want two sunburst teles so this one's gotta go. Just weighed it on the wife's kitchen scale and came up with a manly 6lbs 11oz. I'd like to get $200 shipped OBO. Pix:


      Unfinished tele body of unknown origin. Well, I do know I bought it at Victor Litz 10 years ago or more. It has the letter "D" hand-written in the neck cavity but I have no idea if that has significance to anyone. No string holes drilled so it could be a top-loader if you so desired. Also, no jack hole drilled and the neck pocket is a little of my tele necks won't quite fit (the heel is just a tiny bit too wide) so be prepared to do a little shaving to make your neck fit. I also have a few necks here that fit perfectly so who knows? Happy to measure for anyone that needs it. Weighs in at 5lbs 9oz. Please save this body from me attempting to route it for a B-bender! I'd like to get $75 shipped OBO. Pix:


      Also, this tele project is going cheap. I've pulled the bridge p/u since the pic was taken but everything else is still here. Will part out or sell complete (minus the bridge pup). Offers?

      >>>Click here for my list of smooooov deals!


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        **SOLD**Weber Bias Rite BR-4 w/ V1 switch, $110 shipped.**SOLD**

        **SOLD**MXR EVH Phase 90 $85 shipped**SOLD**

        EH Russian Big Muff pi $45 shipped

        Originally posted by Stratotone
        Most great plans for world change started on harmony central. I can tell my friends in 20 years about how I saw the great ****************ing emancipator start his plan for prosperity, peace and the american way on Harmony Central. What exciting times we live in with you in it to enlighten us.


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          Looking for a Celestion G12T-75 in 8 ohms, prefer British made.


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            Gibson 498T (Gold Cover) - pulled from my Les Paul Custom

            Gibson 490R (open coil) - pulled from my SG Faded

            Seymour Duncan JB - apparently it doesn't work. it was given to me. i can't see anything wrong with it and i'm too lazy to put it into any of my guitars.

            Make me an offer.

            Originally Posted by thegumbootman

            I managed to not say the word "****************" until I was 18

            In primary school when my friends discovered swearing, I thought "I've never said the f-word before. I'm never going to say it". I wanted to say it when I got older (mostly because my friends would nag me about saying it), but I just didn't want to end the streak of not-saying it

            I ended up accidentally saying it to my girlfriend at the time. I said "Someone told me that Ben got with a really fat girl and he titty-****************ed her"


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              Gutierrez Buddha #2 of 4 Limited Edition.

              Mahogany Body & Neck
              Rosewood fretboard
              Gotoh Tuners
              Bill Lawrence L500XL
              Buzz Feiten Tuning System

              Make trade or cash offer.......New $1500

              SloClone PCBs.... $100 OBO....


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                  SIG SLUTS
                  Trade References

                  Matao MIJ Strat
                  CLEAN 06 Ringtone Zvex


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                    Pix to be posted soon.
                    Seymour Duncan 84/40 all tube 1x12 combo with Celestion speaker. In good shape. (4) el84 power amp section. $299 shipped/insured/paypalled with 48 states.
                    ebay user ID=guitup
                    Paypal from confirmed address or a promptly sent U.S. Postal money order.
                    Excellent buyers/sellers-Diddlybo, Bazguitarman (sold me Valve Jr.), Gearhunter (bought Ibanez UE305), Bob Savage (sold me Agile LP), Cobrahead 1030 (bought Boogie 1x12), VH5150 (traded LP Studio for his Wolfgang)


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                      Gotoh/Charvel tuners, chrome (make an offer)

                      Charvel CX692 neck (some visible fretwear, but doesn't seem to affect playability) ($50 incl. Gotoh/Charvel tuners and neck plate/screws)
                      Charvel CX692 body (bass side bridge post hole filled and re-drilled/moved to accomodate Gotoh lic. Floyd, original bridge rout is not Floyd, so it would be basically non-recessed) ($30 obo)


                      7 black brand new OFR saddles $15 each. 2x #2 (low), 2x #1 (medium), 3x #0 (high). these are from a brand new black OFR7 that has never been installed on a guitar, i'm only selling them because i replaced them with chrome.

                      '80s Zion Radicaster -- Info updated 03.27.08 for those who have seen this before!

                      I need to sell this ASAP to pay for completing the guitar i'm building.

                      alder body, maple bolt-on neck with ebony fingerboard, 22 frets, 25.5" scale, Original Floyd Rose. Includes a pair of gold Schaller strap locks.

                      the frets were professionally leveled last week. also, the wood supporting the treble-side bridge post collapsed at one point (before i owned the guitar), and was repaired using a brace to hold up the wood (again, before i owned it), but this was not adequate. the hole has since been filled with a piece of oak dowel and redrilled, and old cracked (non-structural) wood has been built back up using epoxy putty.

                      it has 3 EMG SAs, currently wired at 18V, and also the EMG SPC knob in place of the tone knob. the control cavity is a bit cramped...i never got around to having a battery cavity routed in the back. the cavity has been fully lined with copper shielding tape. there are a number of dings and a few chips on it, but it's a 20+ year old guitar.

                      i don't know exactly what year it's from, other than being from before Zion used serial numbers.

                      earlier this month, i took off the neck for the first time, and discovered a couple things. on the heel of the neck is stamped "Made in Canada" and then someone wrote their name on it (guessing a previous owner...Dave Jessee is the name), and there is also written in pen what i believed to be a serial number. i emailed Ken Hoover (Zion founder) and was given the following info:

                      Dear Ari,

                      Remember, that guitar could be 25 years old. This guitar obviously used a Canadian made body & neck, however, be assured, we did the assembly in our shop. We made sure it was put together right. If we wanted to keep it a secret, the stamp would have been omited.
                      We do make the components in house now. It was a control issue not a quality issue.

                      Let me point out that I guessed the retail to be $1495, today the retail would be more than $3000.

                      Sorry! That serial # was the Canadian factory control number. We have no records of those.

                      Ken Hoover

                      new pics to come as soon as i finish rewiring it and setting it up.

                      I would like to get something like $700 (or closest reasonable offer) for this guitar, since all the issues it had when i bought it (and when i originally posted it for sale) have been repaired. no trade offers will be accepted.

                      WTT: My EMG 81/85 for your Duncan Blackouts
                      Shroud of Bereavement - Symphonic Death/Doom metal from New England
                      Recently Vacated Graves: True Zombie Metal
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                      Agile PS-900
                      B.C. Rich USA Gunslinger
                      Charvel CX390
                      HevAri Dragonrider 7-string (custom built)
                      LTD M-207 7-string
                      Schecter Damien Elite 8

                      Engl E102 Digitalamp head
                      Fryette Sig:X head
                      VHT Deliverance 60 head
                      Veretone custom 4x12 w/ VHT P50Es
                      VHT FatBottom 4x12

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                        All your base are belong to us


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                          Serial Number: R-027368. Excellent cosmetic condition. There are no issues what-so-ever with this amp. Comes with Mesa 6L6GC STR440's, Mesa 12AX7's, Bigfoot footswitch w/ cord, power cable and Mesa cover. $1350 shipped and paypaled inside the continental US.



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                            Laney VH100R with FS6 Footswitch - In Brand New Condition: $1050 Shipped (Or Best Offer)

                            I bought this from vangkm. So he can also back me up on how clean this thing is.

                            The only reason I bought this amp was to record with. It saw about 3 hours in the studio then returned to my roadcase. I love this thing, but I can't afford to keep it.

                            Feel free to email me with any questions:
                            Engl Savage 120
                            Splawn QuickRod
                            LTD ec1000
                            LTD mh400nt
                            LTD m250
                            ISP Decimator

                            For Sale:
                            Esp Ltd Ec-1000 (Snow White)
                            Esp Ltd Mh400nt (Trans Black) with Hardshell Case
                            Framus Dragon 4x12 Straight
                            ATA Roadcase for 4x12 built by


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                              Framus Cobra - SOLD!
                              Good transactions: Metalcore5150, Shiny_Surface, Cyndicate (2x), putnut77, Erock503, Joejpiano, guitar_manic, BrokenFusion, rbasaria, guitarslinger

                              VERY GOOD, VERY GOOD!