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4 and 8 ohms mesa cab (with pics)


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  • 4 and 8 ohms mesa cab (with pics)

    I bought a used mesa cab to go with my single rectifier. On my old marshall cab (not shown in pictures) I had only one choice with the cab wich was 8 ohms. On this one I have two options 4 ohms and 8 ohms.

    If I'm only using the mesa cab wich one should I use!?
    And if I want to use both cabs!?


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    the 8 ohm input uses all 4 at once, the 4's don't.. they split it into a stereo cab, by the looks of it.


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      4 ohm is for stereo use only
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        8 ohm output on the amp to 8 ohm input in the cab, simple.

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          EHhh...yeah read the back of your cab. If you use one of the 4 ohm inputs, only 2 speakers will run. It says split for stereo.
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