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Jani Lane Drunk on stage. God this is horrible...


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  • Jani Lane Drunk on stage. God this is horrible...

    Man this is bad. Hilarious hearing the "the singer sucks", etc. going on:

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    that's pretty bad! The guys really drunk or his monitors aren't working!
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      What a shame. He was a totally talented songwriter and I've seen him do fantastic shows in clubs and arenas.

      He's like a Rolling Stone... sad. Zakk would be there too if he wasn't immune to alcohol to some extent. Zakk can't create like he could, but he can still wail. Give him another 15 years though.
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        Yeah Jani is an amazing singer and writer. This is what happens when their treasures are stored on Earth!
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          Zakk would be there too if he wasn't immune to alcohol to some extent. Zakk can't create like he could, but he can still wail. Give him another 15 years though.

          Yes, immunity to alcohol goes backwards one day. Strange thing is, noone can really define the day that it happened when looking back.
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            Still hung up about having to write Cherry Pie, I suppose.


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              My ex confided to me when we were madly in love that her ex before me was literally hung like a pringles can. That was one of the worst moments of my life.


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                ^ man he got fat didn't he
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         is a great thing! haha Yeah whine now lane, but at the time, it brought you cash and **************** off you drunk!
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                    Yeah whine now lane, but at the time, it brought you cash and fame....

                    Not to mention this:

                    Originally Posted by knucklefux

                    let me tell you something, **************************************** ...

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                    Why do you always come off like you're so much better than 100% of the people on this planet? Truthfully, are you God?

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                    He seems to be slightly retarded, and easily provoked.

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                    my dad is a homo

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                      the cherry Pie disc was a great disc IMHO. ( i was like 14 when it came out. )
                      the title track was the worst song on it...still wasnt that bad.. I mean you had to have a track like that to stand out.

                      just goes to show you...sell your soul to the devil and you gotta pay him his due bitches!
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                        Awww. I partied with that dude back in his heyday. He used to own a club called Sunset Strip in Orlando. Cool guy.
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                          How do you let yourself go that much? He was awesome back in the day.
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                            Oh my, I have heard better singing at a Karaoke bar. Awful, just awful. ****************, i don't feel so bad about my singing now!
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                            Originally Posted by zehn
                            Maybe because the G12T-75 knows it sounds like **************** so it was trying to kill itself


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                              The worst part is that the band sounds on fire in that clip.
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