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A question about my MIG 50 and 5881s


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  • A question about my MIG 50 and 5881s

    I have a Sovtek Mig50 I'm going to be retubing soon. This amp calls for 5881s. I've been reading much stuff and am getting a little confused on a few points.

    Apparently the Mig has very high B- voltages....and the power tubes need to be especially rugged to deal with this...

    ...the 5881s are supposedly a more rugged version of a 6L6...and a better choice for this amp because of that...

    Is this (highly simplified version) correct so far?

    ...I've seen short bottle 5881s and tall bottle 5881s...

    Does it make much difference in my application? Anyone care to recommend a specific 5881 for me? I play garage and hard rock, but not modern metal type stuff.

    Lastly...I've modded my amp with a PPIV master volume and eliminated the negative feedback loop....should this influence my tube choice at all?
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    Actually, a REAL 5881 is rated for less power dissipation than a 6L6GC. Sovtek 5881's are actually Russian military tubes that happen to have similar specs. I'd go with JJ 6L6GC.