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Atomic Reactor / Tech21 Power Engine amp question


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  • Atomic Reactor / Tech21 Power Engine amp question

    I am considering the purchase of an Atomic Reactor, either the 18W or 50W model. This would only be for lower volume home use so I would probably go with the 18W version. Anway, my question is this:

    I have a Blackheart Killer Ant head on the way and was wondering how easy it would be to add a mod to the Atomic reactor to add the option to plug the killer ant head directly into the speaker cabinet (bypassing the Atomic REactor power section). This way I could use the Atomic Reactor both to power my amo modeler (Digitech RP500) as well as a 12" cab for the Blackheart.

    The other amp I am looking at is the Tech21 Power Engine (also a powered 12" speaker cab for use with amp / mfx modellers) Would I be able to do this with the Tech21 as well?

    Thoughts? Is this doable?


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    Hmmm, interesting. I'm actually thinking about getting a Tech 21 Power Engine as a backup for gigs. Years ago I looked into the Atomic amps stuff. I'm not sure if you can do that or not. Might be a bypass on there though.
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      unsure about your mod.

      you could probably do it. sounds reasonable.

      i would go with the Power engine 60. more logical choice for bedroom levels.

      i tried the atomic with a boss gt8 and was not all that impressed.