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Add Reverb Tank to Amp Head with No Reverb


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  • Add Reverb Tank to Amp Head with No Reverb

    How hard is it to hook up/install a reverb tank to an amp head with no reverb?

    Is it possible?

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    It certainly is possible but how difficult it will be depends greatly on your skill level. Since you have to ask, chances are that in your case it would be very hard.

    The reverb tank by itself is useless. It also needs an amplifier that drives it, as well as another amplifier that amplifies its weak output signal. Depending on what type of circuit you will be putting there you might also need things like impedance matching transformers. The reverb tanks come in various types and the circuits and stuff you need pretty much depend on what kind of a tank you are planning to use and how sophisticated the circuit should be. Reverb circuits also have many different styles (e.g. voltage or current driven, transformer coupled, ones driven by the amp's own power amplifier etc.) You need to construct these amplifiers (and first figure out how to do it), figure out where to place them in the signal path etc. all the while making the design such that can be physically fitted inside your amp's chassis and powered by your amp's power supply. All this certainly can be done but won't be easy unless you know exactly what you are doing.

    If you seriously need a reverb chances are that your amp has an effects loop where you can place a moderately inexpensive reverb effect (or maybe you can just place it in front of the amp). If your amp doesn't have an FX loop then adding one is likely an easier task than adding a reverb circuit.
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      Cool, thanks for the info!


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        It's not all that difficult to do electronicly, but finding enough room in a head cabinet might be your biggest obsticle for the spring pan. You will also need to power up two more tubes as well and find a place to mount them and the added circuit board. This is a lot easier in a combo.


        Here's a reverb added to a '57 Gibson combo. The tubes, transformer, and circit board are attached to the inside of the cabinet, and the pan is on the bottom of the cabinet.

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          If the amp is a model that never had a reverb tank as an option, it is a major shoehorning effort to retrofit a spring reverb, circuit and pan et al.
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