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Johnson Amp issue JM 150

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  • Johnson Amp issue JM 150

    I have a Johnson JM150 amplifier that keeps " locking up " on me. Has anyone had any success with repairs on this wonderful amplifier ? It was one of the first quality modeling amplifiers and I hate to trash it.. I live in Eastern Pa.

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    Is it the head or combo?

    I heard a head version a couple years ago at a local GC and it sounded pretty damn nice, i was mildly surprised at it

    I think they went out of business, didnt Digitech or someone else take them over? I had a hybrid amp (Vox) that had a power surge a while back and i brought it to a local Electronics-TV repair place (they also had sewing machines, vacuums, guitar amps, etc) and they actually fixed it for me, that might be worth a shot, it worked for me

    Hope that helped a lil

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      I have a J-Station --- thing sounds great
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        They're still in business; the place where I take lessons has them.
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          May be some way to reset to factory default setting no?
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              Digitech says there are no parts available. They were of no help. It's funny, it will turn on and work for 10-20 minutes and then the buttons will not function and the LCD panel says " No Data Available " I have re-set it many times and it has the latest software. I will probably take it to a local shop for a look, but I'm not hopeful. I just purchased a Line 6 Flextone lll XL as a replacement. It sounds fine.