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  • Weekly SPAM 6/22/2009

    that was quick............ traded.

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    Hey all, got a couple of items I'm looking to get rid of to fund a new purchase so here they are.

    First up is my ESP LTD EC-1000 in Vintage Black. I'm sure everyone knows the specs of this sweet guitar: Sperzel locking tuners, Tonepros Bridge, EMG 81/85, Ebony Fretboard and Flag inlays. The guitar itself is in very good condition I'd say, it's never been played in any shows and has always been in a smoke free environment. No dings or dents in this on. Come's with a black ESP Deluxe case. $600

    Next is my Madison Divinity All tube head. This one is in very good condition as well and comes with a nice Tweed live-in head case which holds the head very securely. It has an Elegance (clean) channel with a footswitchable boost to give it some extra grit, and a Edge (distortion) channel that is also footswitchable for 2 different distortion voicings giving you a lot of range. Heres a pic from my camera phone, note that the white on the plexi glass front is just a glare from a window. $520

    Looking for a combo amp (something versatile), a Line 6 DL4, Boss TU-2 or Korg Pitchblack and some guitars. I'm interested in most Fender style guitars, a beat up Gibson SG Standard or GIBSON model, or a different versatile High Quality import. PM me if you have any questions. Will trade both for the right guitar or amp.
    Agile AL-3000 Tobacco Burst w/HSC - $280 + half shipping cost


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      Bogner Uberschall FS/FT. Info link in sig...


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        Jacksons are sold!

        Aria SG Copy: One of the Japanese lawsuit guitars, this one was made in the 70s by Aria and it a 21 fret, bolt-on copy of the Gibson SG. I don't know what woods are there but I would guess mahogany from the weight and sound. It's got some dings/scratches but overall it's in very good shape and feels great. $250+ship/pp

        7 string pickups:
        DiMarzio X2N7
        DiMarzio Blaze 7
        $50 shipped each. Will also consider trades for a good 7 string neck humbucker - talk to me. Passives only.
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          p.m. me.........


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            i have no job, i need moneys. sig.
            Trade References

            Matao MIJ Strat
            CLEAN 06 Ringtone Zvex


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              That JC-120H looks familiar.
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                  Great condition THD 16 Ohm Hotplate. No dents, just minor everyday wear. Works perfectly. Not interested in any trades. Asking $225 total, shipped and insured in original box. I do not accept paypal, sorry. Feel free to ask if you have questions.

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                    Digitech 2120. MINT condition. Very little use. Version 2.10. $300 SHIPPED

                    EMG 81 Set (2). Excellent condition. Comes with (2) 25k pots and Quick connect wiring shown. I am the original owner. $140 SHIPPED for the pair.

                    Possible Trades + or - Cash:

                    Line 6 HD147
                    Vox AD120VTH / AD60VTH
                    Peavey Transfex head (batteryless modded)
                    Vox Tonelab ST
                    Peavey XXL
                    Originally Posted by OceansBetweenUs

                    Cooker, you're comedic gold. I can't tell if you're serious, or just a hyper-troll far advanced beyond mortal's reckoning.

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                      WTB: a nice EQ
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                        Add 3% for paypal. Feel free to make offers, though I've tried to price this gear close to the market or below. Decided to thin the collection of things I don't play that often and replace them with nice, shiney new things. Pics will be up later.

                        Ibanez RGT42DXFM - 24 fret 5pc laminate maple/walnut neck-thru with mahogany body. It's a flat finish, but the top has been polished. Neck was also polished and waxed on the back. One small ding on the top that is hard to see, and a ding on the back side near the input jack that cannot be seen from the front. Unlike any other RGT42DXFM out there. Includes gig bag. $350 shipped.

                        Ibanez RG760 - Player's condition and priced accordingly. Blue. Wizard neck, 24 fret rosewood fretboard with sharktooth inlays. Edge trem with locking studs. Has some dings, but neck is straight, no crack, and tons of life left in it. If refinished, she'd look like new. $400 with Ibanez hard case.

                        Ibanez RG1550 Prestige. Black with 24 fret Prestige Wizard maple neck (pretty rare until they brought them back this year). A neck from one of these just went for $250 on ebay by itself, and there's one with a $650 BIN. Has a DiMarzio Air Norton in the bridge and stock pickups in neck and mid. This one has a couple of small edge dings. $450.

                        1993 Ibanez RG550 white, which has aged to a very nice cream. Excellent shape for a 16 year old guitar. Still has some of the paper backing on the control covers. 24 fret maple Wizard Neck is straight with no cracks behind the locking nut. MIJ neckplate with original waterslide RG550 model decal on back of headstock and 1993 serial number. A couple of very minor edge dings, but otherwise a stock/mint example. Comes with HSC. $450.

                        Ibanez S540FMTT A beautiful guitar. Pre-AANJ square heal neck joint, like the RG's and Jem's. Mahogany body with flame maple top. Transparent Turquoise burst. Lo Pro trem. Exceptional condition except for one problem: it got dinged during shipping near the input jack. It's in the dark part of the burst and can be repaired easily since there was no damage to the wood, just the finish. Asking $350. Includes HSC.

                        BBE Green Screamer - $55 shipped. Original green model. As close to NIB as can be. Includes box, adapter, warranty card, etc.

                        BBE Boosta Grande - $45 shipped. Original blue model. As close to NIB as can be. Includes box, adapter, warranty card, etc.

                        MIJ Boss DD-3 - Project pedal. Worked fine until bonehead friend plugged it into the wrong polarity adapter. Now it works, but also makes lots of noise. Looks like needs some disc capacitors replaced. $40 shipped.

                        Boss MT-2 Metal Zone - Excellent condition in box. $45.

                        Boss GE-7 - Excellent condition, but missing 3 of the plastic covers for the sliders. Otherwise works well. $40

                        ISP Decimator ProRackG - Excellent condition and includes manual (impossible to find if you don't have it). $300
                        Peavey Ultra 120 Plus
                        Genz Benz G-Glex 2x12
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                          Mesa Triple Recto head in orange suede.
                          2 channel - attached cord.

                          Asking $1200 or trade for ?
                          (I would be interested in a tube power amp, Egnater dual channel modules, Peavey Wolfgangs, Engl Powerball, etc. - What do you have to offer?

                          Jim Rodgers
                          Custom built pedals and mods. Ask me about Line 6 mods!


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                            I dont really want to get rid of anything that i have, just testing the waters to see whats offered.
                            Lets see what what ya got.

                            2203KK $1300 shipped
                            bogner uberschall rev 2 metal face with el34's * SOLD*

                            Ultra Plus - *SOLD*

                            things i do like : les pauls , engl SE's ,Quickrod, maybe a diezel or something, Mark IV or V ?
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                              For Sale: Fender Super Reverb Reissue. GREAT sounding amp, one of the best clean and over driven amp tones I've ever heard in 20 years. Unfortunately, it is (as you can see) just collecting dust. It has been heavily gigged and it shows.

                              Some rust on the top metal, probably from sweaty bars or load ins/outs in the rain? Bought it brand new when they first came out. Dare I say it? I will... Original Owner Item! Comes with Vibrato/Reverb Pedal (see pics).

                              What the heck, I'll even throw in the green jewel I bought for it and used once... lol!

                              Will trade for an Axe Fx Standard or Vetta II Combo w/ FBV long board. Otherwise, $1000 shipped (CONUS ONLY), $900 picked up (or nearest offer).

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