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Laney TT100 thoughts?


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  • Laney TT100 thoughts?

    Just been offered one as a trade for my Boogie and looks like decent amp. Tempted to trade just for the 'ooh, shiny' change factor, but wondering whether it'd be a step sideways, instead of upwards...

    Question is- could it be potentially better than a DC-5 for classic hard rock/blues, or is this one strictly for metalheads?
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    Great amp but they arent the most reliable thing on the market. Very versatile though
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      VH100R is better than the TT100
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        it will do rock and blues easily.

        it goes from oldschool sabbath (think paranoid) all the way up to masters of reality and more saturated metal.

        this vid has it (infact 5 or 6 of them) in action

        PS i'm really fookin jealous. I almost bought one a few weeks ago. I LOVE how they sound.

        heres cleans vidyo
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