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  • Weekly SPAM 6/29/2009

    lookin for cheap pedals no more than 50$ just pm me with watcha got and ill let you kno
    also thinking about trading my 1994 tremoverb
    pics upon request dont know exactly what i would trade it for anything high gain really
    just pm me about that too and maybe we can work something out
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    I've fapped AT LEAST 7,826 times.

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    For Sale: Fender Super Reverb Reissue. GREAT sounding amp, one of the best clean and over driven amp tones I've ever heard in 20 years. Unfortunately, it is (as you can see) just collecting dust. It has been heavily gigged and it shows.

    Some rust on the top metal, probably from sweaty bars or load ins/outs in the rain? Bought it brand new when they first came out. Dare I say it? I will... Original Owner Item! Comes with Vibrato/Reverb Pedal (see pics).

    What the heck, I'll even throw in the green jewel I bought for it and used once... lol!

    Will trade for an Axe Fx Standard or Vetta II Combo w/ FBV long board. Otherwise, $950 shipped (CONUS ONLY), $850 picked up (or nearest offer).


    I bought this new, took it out of the box and literally never plugged it in. Pedal comes with ethernet cable it shipped with. $75 shipped (CONUSA only) out the door.

    Description (from MF): The Line 6 FBV Express Footcontroller instantly recalls an entire rig via 4 gig-ready footswitches built into a road-rugged steel enclosure. It delivers tap tempo effects, a chromatic tuner interface* for quick and accurate tuning, and a full-size heavy-duty volume/wah pedal.

    Compatible Products:

    Spider Valve
    Spider III**
    Spider II**
    Flextone III
    Vetta II
    POD 2.0***
    POD xt
    POD XT Pro
    POD X3
    POD X3 Pro
    Bass POD xt
    Bass POD XT Pro

    *The chromatic tuner interface only works with Line 6 amps that have built in chromatic tuners, and does not work with Spider II 15, 30, or HD75.

    **FBV Express is not compatible with with Spider II 15 or Spider III 15.

    ***FBV Express is only compatible with POD 2.0 units with pedal jacks labeled "FBV Pedal." It is not compatible with older units which have pedal jacks labeled simply "Pedal."

    NOTE: FBV Express is NOT compatible with Ax212, Flextone I, II or HD, POD Pro, Bass POD, Bass POD Pro and Spider.

    Line 6 FBV Express Footswitch Features:

    Switches for Channels A, B, C, and D
    Tap on the current channel for Tap Tempo
    Wah/Volume pedal
    Chromatic tuner interface
    Self-powered though the locking RJ-45 cable (included)
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        First Act GarageMaster VW guitar in Blue (was played maybe 3 times) - $150 (guaranteed setup)

        Allparts P-bass neck
        My various guitar build • repair • maintenance threads

        My Custom Guitar page

        Some of my motion graphics ****************

        My metal band, Sulaco
        Download Sulaco, "Build and Burn" for free or pay in any format you want

        My instrumental Prog band, BML

        1981 Marshall 2203
        Marshall DSL50


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          Vox Valvetronix XL 15-watt combo

          Mint condition, $79 Paypal, plus shipping.



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              Line 6 Spider II 2x12 w/Celestions
              100/120/150 watts? I can't remember...

              Trade for ?
              Jim Rodgers
              Custom built pedals and mods. Ask me about Line 6 mods!


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                Malekko Echo 300 Dark
                --->$[COLOR="Red"]130 Paypalled and shipped

                More later...


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                  Current Gear
                  ESP/Fender >> Blackstar/Randall >> Randall/Mesa

                  Tully's Shop - Excellent Luthier work and Custom Guitars in the Chicago area


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                    dammit, i hate it when there's multiple threads.

                    WTB: 8 spce rack case

                    the cheaper the better
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                      PLEASE SELL ME WHILE I HAVE THE MONEY AND BEFORE I BLOW IT ON SOMETHING STUPID! [COLOR="Magenta"]SubdecayPrometheus, Superdelay or a Gibson SG (NOT A FADED SERIES) would perfer the superdelay over anything, i dont have the money for all three
                      [COLOR="Magenta"]SELL ME Subdecay Prometheus, Empress Superdelay or a Gibson SG (NOT A FADED SERIES)
                      [COLOR="Magenta"]SELL ME Subdecay Prometheus, Empress Superdelay or a Gibson SG (NOT A FADED SERIES)
                      [COLOR="Magenta"]SELL ME Subdecay Prometheus, Empress Superdelay or a Gibson SG (NOT A FADED SERIES)
                      [COLOR="Magenta"]SELL ME Subdecay Prometheus, Empress Superdelay or a Gibson SG (NOT A FADED SERIES)
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                        ehx worm 80 plus shipping 5&feature=iv
                        ehx holy stain -sold


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                          2007 ESP/LTD MH 400NT MINT - $400 shipped

                          Ibanez S7420 Black Pearl - Stock - Excellent/Near Mint - $500 shipped

                          PM me for Pics.
                          Krank Rev Jr. Pro 50 Watt
                          Mesa Traditional 2x12
                          PRS SE w/ EMG 81/60
                          ISP Decimator
                          Randall RG 100SC G2 Combo


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                            Peavey 5150 $600 shipped.

                            Ibanez AXS32 $250 OBO.

                            Squier Tom Delonge Strat $200 OBO.

                            Peavey Tracer $150 OBO.

                            Greco Hollowbody IN PROJECT CONDITION $150 OBO.


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                              Sig! Cheers, Lucius
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                              FS: Mesa Dual Rec - SOLD! To the man with the big green shoes!