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weekly spam thread 8/17/09


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  • weekly spam thread 8/17/09


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    Radial X-AMP reamp box. $130+shipping. US only.



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      Engl SE EL34 model . Comes with Z-9 footswitch and midi cable .
      $2599 + shipping from NY 12078.


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        Made a new thread since you can't update the thread titles.

        Looking to trade my Mesa Mark IV(a) long head. I'm mainly looking to trade for a Splawn Quickrod head. Would also sell it for $1500 plus shipping/Paypal.

        The Mark IV is in near mint condition (no tears or scuffs) and has a quartet of Winged C 6L6 tubes. It sounds amazing but after owning Mesa/Boogies for so long I think I want to try something different. Includes footswitch.


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          Boss TU-2 Tuner - $70 shipped lower 48 US

          Crate Blue Voodoo BV120H - $300 (local Chicago pickup)
          Good Condition, comes with Carvin Footswitch.

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            Peavey T-60 w/ OHSC, $325 shipped or offer me a good trade. Will add cash to it if you've got something of higher value. Especially if you've got a cheaper LP like a faded, or DC, or special, or a MIJ Mustang.
            Pics and details:

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              I have a White 2007 Bad Cat Lynx 50 with footswitch and the light-up logo and eyes, El34s and Kt77s included (self biasing, easy to swap between the two). I will have pics available later, but I would describe the headshell as 7/10. A couple of scuffs here and there, but no major tears. You can tell its been loaded in and out of a van a few times :LOL:

              This really is an amazing sounding amp, but it tends to compete with my XTC, rather than compliment it (which is what I am looking for). I could be perfectly happy keeping this and moving the XTC instead, but I know from past experience that I will just end up with an XTC again (this is my 2nd one) so it is probably better to rotate the other half.

              [COLOR="Red"]Priced to sell: $1750 shipped and paypalled. The last two of these have gone for $2200 and $2400, I have another deal lined up and need to make this happen quickly so I am willing to let this go at an awesome price.
              Shoot me a PM or an email to

              Better pictures to follow, but crappy iPhone pics will work for now

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                Mesa F30 combo:



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                  Here's what i have for sale

                  Peavey Classic 50/50 -- 350
                  ADA mp1 stock no mods 250- pots little scratchy
                  Korg dtr1000 rack tuner 110
                  furman power conditioner M8D-- 80
                  Tc electronics G sharp w/ G switch-- 150
                  SKB 6 rack space -- 90

                  everything for 900 dollars...


                  Boss RV3 100
                  Mi audio cruchbox 90
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                    Rocktron Pro Q 125.00 Shipped

                    Roccaforte Boost Pedal 50.00 shipped willing to trade for another Boost.

                    Warmouth Custom Strat with Gibson Gig Bag 650.00 Shipped

                    Gibson Birdseye Maple top Les Paul Standard Limited Edition Model that has 25th Anniversary Chrome EMG 81's. For sale would be 1,650.00 Shipped. Willing to trade for Modded Marshalls(Cameron, Friedman, Fortin, Golub) or a Jubilee(Silver, Black Or Slash) Possibly an Old 800 or Splawn Nitro.

                    PM ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR PICS!
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                      Peavey 6505+ - Mint condition with the exception of a small crack in the vent on top of the cabinet. Plays great, just don't need the power, and have been thinking of going to a fender amp. Nothing wrong with this amp at all, minus the crack in the vent.

                      Can get pics for interested parties

                      $700 + shipping

                      Electro Harmonix 2880 Multi Track Loop pedal WITH FOOTSWITCH
                      This thing is also in great condition and is nearly brand new. Boxes, paperwork and a cable for the footswitch is included.

                      Can get pics of this as well

                      $400 Shipped/Paypal'd
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                        sig.... and

                        All are new... $17 shipped your pick!!!

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                        i left my band because they were emo...


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                          Sig. Pics upon request.
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                            NOW WILLING TO SHIP! (need the money)
                            PRICE LOWERED TO $400 OBO + Shipping

                            Loaded with V30 and T75s in an X, wired to 16 ohm.

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                              Boss GE-7: Little dirty, works perfectly $65 shipped CONUS
                              ADA MP-1: Some rack rash, volume pot is scratchy/finicky, and the input jack is a little sensitive. Comes with Rocktron Midi Mate+2 midi cables. $250 shipped conus
                              Peavey 60/60: 6L6's. Needs new tubes. $150 + actual shipping

                              Pics soon
                              Originally Posted by Y0UNGBL00D

                              verf code: pepi/charveldan news team

                              Download my Demo for Free
                              Spam: EHX Deluxe Memory Man. Big Box version $325? make offer
                              EHX The Worm $65
                              Boss GE-7 $60
                              Boss TU-2 $65