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Vox "Neo-Dog" speakers


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  • Vox "Neo-Dog" speakers

    What's up with these speakers? I know they're pretty light, but how do they sound. Does anyone have experience with them?

    I can get an Avatar 2x12 cab loaded with them for pretty cheap.
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    I guess they are the same as the celestion century vintage
    the ccv is a great speaker when paired with the right amp
    didn't work well with my Framus, but sounded great with others
    it's similar to the v30, but slightly more punchy on the low end, brighter on the top, less mid spikey and much cleaner on the midrange
    it may sound a bit overbright when it's still new, but after you break it in, it sounds great and very deep
    if you wanna get rid of weight without giving up on tone, that's the best solution

    I have a video with it in a cheap 1x12 cab

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    My ****************ing life goal is to one day own a 70's Gibby such as that, a giant old Marshall stack with original 6x12 and be like, well, old and stuff, and play some loud ass doomy filthy melodies at my 70th birthday and embarrass the **************** out of everyone and maybe kill a small animal with my awesomness.

    But secretly most everyone in hearing distance would envy me and it would only add to my lasting legacy.


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      Sound great in my AD60VTX. If you decide to re-load the cab with something else, I'd be interested in them.
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      -set of GFS Dream 90s- gold and black pearl- $40 shipped in the cont. US
      -(2) Celestion G12M-70 16 ohm guitar speakers in good condition $40 ea. + shipping.
      - Vox VT15 Valvetronix very clean - $85 + shipping
      - Hughes Kettner Edition Tube 20 (the early Voxy sounding one) Sounds & looks good. $250 + shipping. SOLD
      - Crate Palomino V8 - 10" Celestion - Very clean - on Ebay (sold)


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        I have one (Vox cabinet with neodogs) and i like it alot. I use it with the Vox Valvetronix 120 and i use it with my Blackstar HT-5 and it sounds good to me - bright and punchy but not to spikey/trebley. I also have the Mesa 2X12 and it complements it perfectly

        The funny thing is that i think the Blackstar HT-5 sounds better on the vox cab with neo-dogs than my Mesa 2X12 (V/30s) almost more of a marshall/british type tone

        I like em, (Remember though im using the Vox cabinet) i dig the tones but try it yourself --- BTW my cabinet also has a 4, 8, 16 OHM options, something thats cool and versatile IMO

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          "bright and punchy but not to spikey/trebley"

          Key words to the question. These speakers are wonderful Wish my avatar was loaded with them instead of those God awful V30s