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Looks like I'm buying a Used/mint JP7.....


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  • Looks like I'm buying a Used/mint JP7.....

    Found one on Cragslist for $1300.
    Pearl Redburst, all options, mint. He's going to hold it for me, hopefully I'll have it in a week or 2.

    The Irony is I have the same guitar minus the JP inlays as a 6 string.
    Been looking for a Good 7 string for a while though and couldn't pass this up.
    Ernie Ball JP6 and JP7
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    RG 570 w/EMGs
    Jackson Soloist and RR1 w/EMG
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    TS9, NS2, DD20

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    Technically I don't think it's irony, more like staying with a brand you like...but hell yes on the guitar score!
    Originally posted by Open Veins
    Bill, thank you for making me laugh harder than I have in a long time. Using the word 'raze' instead of 'raise' in that sentence just makes it the funniest thing I've ever read. Cheers to you, good sir, and your crazy typing. Usually it gives me a headache, but today? Today is a glorious day. One of laughter, sunshine, happiness, and ... umm.. cupcakes. Yeah, cupcakes, bitch. Rock on.