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Weekly SPAM Thread: 11/9/09


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  • Weekly SPAM Thread: 11/9/09


    a 2x12 cab CHEAP... PM me price shipped to Puerto Rico zipcode: 00778
    Good Deals: colejustesen, Sixtonoize, pfindeis, JesusMcJesus, M1K3999, jforsythe, 88mm, chrisjnyc, knucklefux

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    Boss FZ-2 Fuzz for $130 shipped
    Originally Posted by exafro

    I can alternate pick like a mofo, and it has nothing to do with practice.

    Originally Posted by carlstretch

    My kids are older now and have all shot hundreds of rounds thru my shotguns and handguns. They know how to use them and I'm not worried about them playing cowboys and indians with them.

    Originally Posted by redeye5

    you know whats classy as ****************? ****************ing your wife in the ass and telling the internet beforehand!


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      Good transactions with: JonathanD, NixerX, sdhupelia, jtizel666, The suicider, dbonanzam, phatgirl, Xenoanthropus, Sixtonoize, 98 les paul


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        Woohoo! Sig.
        + POD XT Live with that triple pack installed (Bass, metal shop and something else can't remember) $300 + 1/2 Shipping. Canadians only please
        Cheers, Lucius
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        FS: Mesa Dual Rec - SOLD! To the man with the big green shoes!


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          Shure SLX4 Guitar/Bass wireless in vg condition. Comes in original box with rack adapter and everything it's supposed to. Channel H5 and runs in the 500 band. $325 Shipped.

          Sennheiser G2 EW 172 instrument wireless in good/vg condition. $175 shipped. Also includes manual, body pack/transmitter (and cable to guitar), and power adapter. Works perfectly. Runs on a plethora of different frequency settings ranging from 740-776 hz. That's right - it runs in the 700s - hence the low price.

          LOOKING FOR...

          Looking for a pair of Celestion G12K100 speakers - 8 ohms

          Looking for a pair or quad of Celestion G12H30 speakers - 8 ohms

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            Brian Moore i9.7 7-string up on the 'bay... factory SDs, mahogany body, Sperzels, and a few minor cosmetic flaws. 2 days left!



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              Coming soon
              Check out my band "Tock" Debut album coming out soon:


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                g-major $200
                boss dd-2 $100
                2005 gibson es-335 natural $2k


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                  Nick Greer Easy C overdrive/distortion pedal. $120
                  Manlius Pickup set. Bridge pup has about 6 inches of lead left/Neck has plenty $40
                  Diamond Fireburst distortion/fuzz $120
                  Peavey Valveking combo. Replaced speaker with a Sammi (killer speaker). Could use a tube change out. $300

                  Stuff I am looking to get: POD or similar, wah pedal, Japanese made LP, T Rex Mudhoney


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                    looking to buy a tube head that can do a decent modern metal sound. I've got roughly $450 to spend in my paypal...whatcha got?
                    We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. - Stephen Hawking


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                      WTB;killer ant or other 1 watt amp
                      pm me


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                        Now Playing

                        When it began, for those who don't know
                        it didn't matter how you looked or what you wore to a show
                        dress codes, **************** NO! we didn't care
                        about the brand of your jeans and all that **************** in your hair


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                          Current Gear
                          ESP/Fender >> Blackstar/Randall >> Randall/Mesa

                          Tully's Shop - Excellent Luthier work and Custom Guitars in the Chicago area


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                            G-Major $200
                            Ibanez RG7420, $250 (has its share of dings but plays great)
                            E609s $75
                            Korg Karma Music Workstation $500
                            Audio Technica AT3035 $75

                            I'll get pics up tonight.
                            Originally posted by Stratotone
                            Most great plans for world change started on harmony central. I can tell my friends in 20 years about how I saw the great ****************ing emancipator start his plan for prosperity, peace and the american way on Harmony Central. What exciting times we live in with you in it to enlighten us.


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                              1967 Silvertone Jaguar Copy click the link to view
                              EH English Muff'n $100 shipped


                              Bernie Rico Jr Gun Metal Grey Vixen Hybrid Serial #1
                              Engl Savage SE
                              Engl XXL Pro Cab
                              Carbon Copy
                              HBE THC
                              ISP Decimator
                              Ampeg Bass Rig
                              BC Rich NJ NT Warlock Bass
                              good deals KillaJ,SwampDonkey,m3at,arkohors,lost_cause,JsinBT L,silver-seven, Insightibanez,motorpud,rareguitar