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Won a Thiele 1x12 on ebay.


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  • Won a Thiele 1x12 on ebay.

    going to run it with my Mesa Boogie DC-5 head. Should be nice to take to shows i think. It has the stock mesa speaker. I wanted the one with an EV 200 watter, but not too many around and also more $$$.

    that is all.
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      ONe thing to remember: It may or may not be impressive standing right next to it, but It will sound totally awesome 10+ feet out which is exactly what you want on stage. They have excellent projection due to the design.
      Originally Posted by guitarbilly74

      yeah no **************** LOL

      typical HCAF.. dude plays 10 gigs his whole life..... and all of a sudden he's a ****************ing expert.

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        i wouldn't worry about the c90 being in it-- i've run mine with one, and EV, and another similar speak. i prefer the c90 to the EV for gain tones, but no matter how you slice it-- it's a great cabinet for the size and scratch! HNCD!


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          love those cabs.
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            they have contests/drawings on Ebay now?
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