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    When I'm in my truck I like to listen to BB King's Bluesville on XM 74. Sometimes I listen to the blues channels on Slacker as well.

    It's really obvious and to say that Rock music has a lot in common with blues. However, after spending a few months listening to these blues stations, it's astonishing to what degree this is true.

    Just about every time I listen I catch something. Just the other day I thought I was listening to some lost SRV track. Nope! It was Albert King. I heard Jimmy Page licks in other songs. Guess they weren't Jimmy Page licks. Even bits and pieces of lyrics. "I got a gal that lives on the hill..." Nope, not ZZ Top. I wonder if anything is original.

    And we think it's funny when kids hear some song and tell us it's from Guitar Hero.
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    Albert King could shake a building with his ring finger! man that dude had some serious mojo, and with a flying V...that was ****************ing metal without being metal lol. My favorite blues guitarist has to be Albert Collins..the masta of the telecaster. He had the most violent vibrato and the notes basically jump out of the song and dance in your head.
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