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Fender Super Twin Reverb - need info!


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  • Fender Super Twin Reverb - need info!

    I just bought a Fender Super Twin Reverb and it's really hard to find good info on it.
    I'm currently replacing some tubes (it still had originals since 1978 and the tone was pretty bad). Also, when i first played it in the shop the reverb worked - now it doesnt. Does the reverb go through the tubes and since i took a couple out its inactive? do i need the footswitch to turn it on?

    And does anyone had any good suggestions for speaker replacements? it has the original Utahs in it and im not sure ill keep them.

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    Yes, this amp uses tubes and a reverb pan for reverb.

    This is a loud and powerful amp, if you replace the speakers make sure they can handle the load. Heh... I said "load"


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      ahhh, ok. do you happen to know which tube(s) it uses for reverb? obviously its one of the two i took out...