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    Just wanted to express my opinion on my Peavey Bandit 65 solid-state guitar amp. I have two of them and love them both. They are very solid and dependable. I have never had any problems with them. I have a collection of mid 80s solid-state peavey guitar amps, 2- bandit 65s and 2 special 130s and plan on buying any mid 80s peavey amps I can get good deals on. I generally replace the scorpions with eminence speakers right away, and that's about all I have to do to make them gig-ready. When I aquire them I strip them down to bare-bones and start scrubbin the 20+ years of bar grunge off them until they look mint. And also, while I have the chassis out I spray the pots from the inside with a good tuner cleaner.The sound quality of the mid 80s stuff is warmer than the later years in my opinion, and with a good tube pre-amp pedal,such as the electro-harmonix 2 LPB stereo tube preamp, you can really get some great tone. Anyway, these are great,dependable amps for the budget-minded, hard-working musician!!!..Johnny Banjo

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    the tube models from the 80's and early, early 90's are fantastic also, and very affordable.
    butcher, VTM, Triumph, Bravo, etc.
    Check them out.

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      Great amps. Ive had one as backup since around 1990.


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        The ss Peaveys are tanks. If you know how to dial them in they sound as good as anything. Yes I love my tubes but the ss Peaveys stand up next to them well. And the audience of that bar you're gigging in aint gonna know the difference. Reliability is more important. Y'ever had a drunk stumble into your tube amp and have it down for the count? If not, mark my words, it WILL happen!
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          I have an 80's Bandit 65 that I used to lug with me as a back up. I've also loaned that amp out more than any other amp I own....both because it's flexible and because it would have to go through something greater than the biblical Armageddon to hurt it.

          True story: About 8 years ago we were doing a show and the opening band's guitarist had one of those Bandits like mine. I watched him accidentally drop it from the top of a flight of stairs....thing cartwheeled down the stairs and absolutely exploded at the bottom. Parts everywhere. He taped it back together with (no ****************) duct tape and played the gig with it. From that point forward, whatever doubts I had about Peavey were gone. I'm a believer.


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            Bandits bring the tone for sure .