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Got a job interview in an hour and I'm freakin' nervous!!


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  • Got a job interview in an hour and I'm freakin' nervous!!

    I gotta sit in a room with 10 people pounding me with questions

    I'm feeling kinda sick to my stomach...anxiety is kicking in at full force
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    Good luck man !
    Toyz- a bunch of really cool ****************.


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      Good times. Just remember you got that far because you know your stuff!
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        Best of luck, man. What kind of position is it you're interviewing for? Are you hopping jobs, or are you currently between jobs?


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          Bring in teh Splawn and if you get stumped, jump up on the table and shred making sure stare into the eyes of each person until they have to look away from sheer intimidation. Then say "Is that enough of a reference for you?", drop your guitar, and walk out of the room.

          Seriously though, good luck!

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            Seriously, meditate, using phrases like "I'm capable, I'm resourceful, I'm quick witted and gosh darn it, people like me".

            Sincerely, Jack Handy.

            lulz aside, I'd meditate, even 5 minutes can do a lot to quiet anxiety.
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              I gotta sit in a room with 10 people pounding me .....

              Job as a bukkake recipient?
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                have a few good tokes and a zan and you'll be fine.
                ...don't forget the mint!
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                  10 people?! Jeez, sounds horrible.
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                    Good luck man. This sounds like what I am in for once the company I work for creates this new position.
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                      Damn, that sounds...intimidating. I have a phone "pre-interview" with an IT and software development company at 1pm. Now it doesn't seem so daunting. Thanks!


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                        This reminds me that I need to stop reading this forum at work

                        Also, my interview was the same way. Had to sit at the table in a big exec room with around 10 people sitting all around me, asking me questions. It was intimidating at first, but my interviewers were really laid back. We shot the **************** for most of the interview
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                          You'll be fine. Go in there with something to say and a relaxed demeanor, don't forget to sell that ****************!
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                            If you have confidence in yourself, you'll do fine. If you don't, it will reflect in your body language, your speech and the interviewers will see right through it.

                            when I interviewed for my position I'm in now, I had all the managers on the other side of the big table trying to hammer me with all kinds of obscure scenarios and how I would handle situations and I just shot them straight, no BS honest answers that reinforced MY value to THEM.

                            Remember that THEY selected YOU to interview because they think you can help add value to the company. Your one and ONLY job in an interview is to prove to them that they were right to invest their time speaking with you and that YOU can add more value to the company and business.
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                              Mojo sent Tommy! You will do fine Just remember to say "Dude" and "Far out man" a lot oke:
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