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  • Kramer

    I didnt know Gibson has anything to do with Kramer.
    Is this the reason they went to **************** in the 90's ?
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    If you live for hard rock, get a guitar made to rock hard. Kramer guitars are designed and built specifically for hard rock guitar players. They feature body design and construction, pickups, electronics and hardware for rock music. Some other guitars try to work for ALL kinds of music (country AND rock). That's impossible! Kramer does one thing and it does it well.

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    I have used the Herbert in a band setting.


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        Most Kramers were junk before Gibson bought the name.


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          do not want...don't like the "Comrade" looking logo, the scale on the LP's, and for the failnale, the "thorn" inlays are tacky.
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            Kramer went to hell long before Gibson got involved. They were making cheap, poorly made guitars overseas and they couldn't keep up with demand. In the meantime, the owner of the company, IIRC, was spending obscene amounts of money on endorsements and then was sued by Floyd Rose, who won, and they went bankrupt. After that, Gibson bought the brand.

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