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Name two amps, one you LOVE and one you thought you'd love....and didn't


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  • Name two amps, one you LOVE and one you thought you'd love....and didn't

    provide a mini review.....
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    DSL100 - Best modern amp imo. Too bad Marshall had to pull a Gibson and discontinue THEIR HIGHEST SELLING AMP!!!

    5150 - eh...
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      Mark V - because it's a ****************ing Mark V, seriously though, every channel was superb, and one of the best gigging heads around...

      Uberschall - overpriced Recto, no doubt in my mind, a one trick pony that doesn't even do it's one trick that great... would take a 5150 any day of the week...
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        Budda Superdrive: Seems to excel at everything except for metal(which is fine by me), fits in a band mix better than any amp I've ever played, is lightweight, and doesn't hide mistakes. Forces you to improve your playing.

        Bogner Alchemist: Horrible, horrible amp.
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          dsl 100-my first all tube amp.did everything i ever needed it to do.

          splawn nitro-noisy tube eating POS.was hoping it was going to be like the QR I sold to fund this one but with huge lows....should have got a promod
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            Peavey classic 30 - Just does everything I want it to

            Most Marshalls... I just never get along with their sound
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              Bogner Ecstasy 101b. My holy Grail. Everything I could ever want.

              Bad Cat Hot Cat. WTF.

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                Randall RGT100ES - Basically a Marshall Jubliee with 6L6s, a clean clean channel and reverb.
                I owned both at the same time. I thought the Randall sounded better. Useable clean and dirty too.
                Although, my favorite amp of all time is my GT1.

                Carvin X100B - In the shop, I thought it sounded awesome. Better then the Randall. Bought it. Got it home and thought the cleans sounded hollow, and the dirt sounded ugly. Sold it, and went back and bought the Randall.
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                  Loved: my modded Super Reverb RI
                  I bought the SRRI for $800 off a guy on Craigslist who needed money for bills. I didn't know anything about Super Reverbs other than SRV used them, but I figured the deal was pretty good and it probably had killer cleans and reverb, so I pulled the trigger. Stock the amp sounded excellent -- very clean and sparkley until about 6 or 7 on the volume, but I had wanted to mod this thing a little. Immediately I went looking for upgrades. I put 4 Eminence Ragin Cajun speakers in there and that seriously improved the sound, but I wanted more. So, I had a tech upgrade the output and power transformers to Mercury Magnetics and then upgraded the filter to caps.
                  Now this amp sounds HUGE. Very responsive/ dynamic. A lot of headroom, but breakup is still possible. Takes pedals extremely well. Isn't picky about the types of pickups used. Sounds as good as the Allen Old Flame and is pretty comparable to a blackface Super Reverb. This is my workhorse and if it ever is stolen, I will definitely replace it/ all of the mods (after beating the thief senseless of course). So, for about the price of a brand new, stock SRRI, I got a killer amp that sounds as good as most boutique Fender styles.

                  Not so in love with: Peavey Classic 30. It was just muddy and gross. I really wanted to like this amp, but I couldn't.
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                    Top Hat Super Deluxe-Soooo Smoooothe

                    Mesa Super Sixty (mark i)-Drive channel wasn't what I thought it would be
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                      Love: My Mark V... It's just a great "go to" amp you can use for just about anything. Does loud or reasonable volume with equal ease.

                      Hated: Peavey JSX... I bought one and liked it till about 2 days after the return window was up and all the sudden the hishy presence thing you can't dial out and the compression you can't get rid of on the lead channel just pissed me off.
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                        I enjoyed the original '65 Deluxe Reverb I played a few years ago that had a REALLY old 15" JBL that barely fit in it... sounded like golden lava hot cocoa mix flowing into my soul

                        Absolutely hated: Marshall JVM--sounded awful to my ears. The gain didn't seem to want to go past 2 o'clock without getting... disgusting.


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                          VHT D60 and Mark IV! My two favs!

                          Cobra. Tried to like it, but it just didn't inspire me.


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                            Mesa Studio 22 lead tones, but a lil too noisy at high volumes.
                            Mesa Mark IV Lead tones and good rhythm tones at high volumes(which are not nearly as high as it could go)

                            Mesa Dual Rec.... compressed tones, lead tones meh, I could get along with it, but the mark IV is much better for me.
                            Peavey valveking MUDDY!!!
                            Crate blue Voodoo icepicky clean channel...
                            Fender Hot Rod Deluxe... cleans good, but I dont use cleans very often. Dirty channel sounded like ass.

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