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Orange Tiny Terror and Distortion pedals


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  • Orange Tiny Terror and Distortion pedals

    Hi Guys

    More advice needed. I have an Orange Tiny Terror which is awesome sounding but limited . I need to have at least 2 Stages of gain for the covers band i currently play in and at the moment my current set up isnt working.

    Im playing with the gain at about 12 o'clock so its a dirty clean signal , then trying to boost up to big high gain distortion sounds by feeding either a Boss blues driver , a Boss Heavy metal 2 or a EHX Nano muff into it . So far bad fuzzy results .They dont seem to feed into each other right and im getting a muddy sound .

    What I need is ideas on what could work , ie settings or if just a better quality pedal is needed and some examples.

    thanks for any advice given , you guys are normally pretty cool!


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    Use the Blues Driver if your gonna boost gain. I've heard that it's a very transparent overdrive. The HM-2 and the Nano muff are nothing but buzz crap.
    Originally Posted by metalhobo

    A real guitar player can get wah tone just with his hands

    Originally Posted by Crimson_Raven

    I use the weeping demon, by Ibanez. And trust me, it gets sounds that no one's hands can make... in fact that statement seems a little loaded... I mean getting a slight "wah" sound with a bend or pick attach is possible, but you cant replicate a full-bore wah-pedal effect with your fingers... nor use your fingers and foot simultaneously without a wah pedal... unless your fingers are actually signal filters. In which case... bravo.


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      Well have tried with the blues drive , it doesnt give it enough saturation for songs like feeder, blink 182 ect . Any ideas?


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        Try an MXR Wylde -------------------------------------
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          Nice , thats very cool . Any other ideas for me guys?


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            I would recommend a treble bleed on your volume pot....then just run the tiny terror at full gain, and get the lower gain sounds using your volume pot.

            This is the way I use mine.


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              Thats an idea , but i play a Micheal kelly les paul copy and the volume knob is very low down , but im gonna try it at band practice.

              Has anyone ever got a tiny terror and pedals to work side by side?


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                NOT a cheap solution - but the Barber Tone Pump or Dirty Bomb may work for you.


                There is also the Fulltone OCD and the Radial distortion boxes like this one (there are several others)
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