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PETITION: Ban California from the United States

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  • PETITION: Ban California from the United States

    We don't want you, your economic woes, or your failing government.

    Who's with me?

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        Couldn't we just ban LA?

        Or maybe everything south of Fresno?
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            How is this:

            We give you Quebec....you give us California, and Hawaii 3 months of the year????
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            Originally Posted by <b>chainsaw fats</b> <br />
            Can I drink your piss?

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              Can we then ban Texas?
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                California goes but West Virginia and Alabama stay? Seems to make perfect sense.


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                  We don't want you, your economic woes, or your failing government.

                  Who's with me?

                  Please...cut us off...now!

                  We'll take our 2 trillion $$ gross state product and become the 7th biggest nation. Do we keep our

                  1,239,548 active-duty military personnel
                  7,932 Army personnel
                  96,047 Navy (including 20,000+ Marines)
                  19,969 Air Force

                  Oh and who is going to protect you from the West?

                  As a sovereign nation we can close our borders and send the immigrants to the rest of you through Texas.

                  Who is going to feed you? Most of your vegetables are from us...a lot of your beef is from us.

                  We could charge you up the wazoo to come and visit our beaches and visit Disneyland.

                  The dems have just about overstayed their welcome here and could well become a Rep state very soon...

                  So yes, by all means - kick us out


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                    at the rate earthquakes have been happening across the world, it's only a matter of time before they slip under the ocean anyway... at least let them enjoy their stay
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                      In. **************** Commiefornia.


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                        cali at least pays its own way & historically ends up getting a little less in outlays than US tax paid (though this may not be true in very recent years).

                        cali does set a bad example on the spending side

                        [dead kennedys song reference goes here]


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                          Where will all teH gangbanger & potheads go???
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                            All US armed forces will be relocated inside the lower 47 states.

                            They were only sent to Cali because the US sent them there. You can recruit your own internal armed forces.


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                              True , they could recruit all the MS13 kids on the rise there.
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