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So, a buddy of mine is still using the same 2 picks for over 20 years!


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  • So, a buddy of mine is still using the same 2 picks for over 20 years!

    I started being friends with him probably around the late 80's, lost contact with him around the early/mid 90's and just recently came back to play with the same band he was playing with when I first met him over 20 years ago.
    We were talking about stuff last night and he tells me he's been using the same exact guitar picks from when I first met him and that he used them even before that. Not the same kind, but the SAME EXACT picks. They are some weird stainless steel picks. I know they don't wear down so they should be fine but how do you not lose 2 picks in over 20 years????

    Strange. Anyone else in the same situation?
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    Man, I can't keep a pick for 20 seconds, let alone 20 years!


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      I still have one pick that I've had since '96. It's in a small plastic case I have picks in so I do use it sometimes, its curved to my fingers just right. I'd get more of that kind but the writings been worn off for so long I don't remember what kind it is.
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        Used to take lessons from this man many, many years ago. I had one and it would take anything I threw at it until I lost it in a move. They're awesome picks.
        I've had one deal, it was with Magh8 and he's good people.

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          I bought a dozen dunlop picks (the thickest ones) about 12 years ago. I've lost 3 of them. I only have 9 left. I've never replaced them. I just take an emery board and clean up the rough edges now and then.

          Frugal I know. If I could recondition tubes and strings believe me I would.
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            Strange. Anyone else in the same situation?

            It's not humanly possible.

            He must be the second coming.
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            I can't help but think of dildos.


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              I still have picks that I bought in the late '80s.
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                i still have picks i bought 10 years ago and still have fresh to this day.

                only because i would lose them right when i took em out of the package then came across them while moving, packed em up and find em again years down the line.
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                I wonder what a persons life must be like if they're so easily affected by my posting on an Internet forum.

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                I saw 2 guys do it, and all they did was laugh really hard and say What The **************** a few times. No deaths or near-deaths occured.


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                  I still have a couple of Fender picks that my best friend in high school got me as part of a christmas present....10 years ago?

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                    I got some old ones still kicking around. Like this one from 1997 that got the edge singed when this one amp damn near electrocuted me. Fun times. I was 17, playing a friends dads old no-name 1x12 tube combo from like 1966. It had an "Earth" switch on the back, which at that time, I didn't know was the british term for "ground" I left it a semi damp

                    I still got some picks I actually use that are well over 5 years old. I tend to pic with the pick slightly turned with the broader edge hitting the strings (weird, and it's something I just started doing subconsciously over the wonder I can't ****************ing sweep), so I don't grind them down so fast.

                    Also, out of my 5-6 guitars I tend to change strings on them once or twice a year, cuz I actually like when that initial brightness wears a darker, fuller tone.

                    Y' retrospect, I have some pretty weird habits and preferences.
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                      I can count the number of picks I've lost in my 12 years of playing on one hand. Still have the first 2 picks I ever bought. They're broken (they were super thin fender nylon picks), but I still have 'em.


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                        Don't get me wrong, I have had some picks for a long time, but these are the only 2 he uses and during the mid/late 90's his band played like a 26 state rotation. He has played ALOT of gigs and still uses these same damn things. I could see having a pile of picks for years but to do the amount of playing around the country and not lose 2 picks is weird. Plus he had like 40 guitars and I could easily see losing one of those things in one of those cases at some point.
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                          I have quite a few picks that I've been using for around 10 years. Most of them are purple Dunlop Tortex, and I'm guessing I have around a dozen or so in total that get used on a regular basis. When they start to get too rounded off, I just sand the edges so that the point is actually pointy. I imagine they are somewhat smaller now, than they were when I got them.
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                            I've got picks that are over 40 years old

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                              I've got picks that are over 40 years old

                              That may be, but have you used them for every gig you have played for over 20 years?
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