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    Hi guys. I play guitar at church every sunday, and i play a lot at home as well. I have a marshall tsl 602, and i'm finding its just overkill. i don't need 60 watts, and i don't really get on with the overdrive channels. i find they sound a little bit too compressed and dark for what i play at church, so i mainly use my marshall jackhammer pedal. I was thinking about selling the amp and getting another one. I haven't had the chance to go and play amps yet, and i won't for a while as i'm going to uni, but i was looknig at the Orange TH30 combo, and the Fender Deluxe VM combo.
    Are these amps any good? i know the orange has very high gain stages, but how is it at lower gain settings?
    also, how much do you think i could get for my marshall? they are

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    I used to play in me you need a nice tone for church......
    not a heavy metal tone..........

    So I would lean towards a 25 or 30 watt Fender ..........

    A Vox modeling amp with a closed back could have some nice tone too........