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OT - One of my computer speakers is very quiet

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  • OT - One of my computer speakers is very quiet

    I have a fairly new set of Logitech Z523 speakers...I've had them for less than a month. I realized today that the sound coming out of the right speaker is a ton quieter than that of the left speaker. I unplugged the left speaker and turned up the volume and it doesn't sound any different from the left speaker at comparable volume. Could it be blown? What else could be wrong? I've checked the connections and they're all tight and nothing's panned.
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    Is the amp on the left side? I noticed the same thing with my M-Audio AV40s. What are you using for a sound card? I switched to something new and it's less apparent if at all, so that may be to blame in conjunction with the design of the speaker set.


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      The amp/controls are on the quiet speaker, oddly. No sound card, just integrated. Linky
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        The amp/controls are on the quiet speaker, oddly. No sound card, just integrated. Linky

        I'm thinking it's your motherboard interacting with the speakers. I was running an old sound blaster with these, which had your issue, then I got a new system with an Asus M4A78T-E motherboard and the issue was still there from what I recall. I'm now using a Motu MicroBook usb interface and the volumes are balanced.


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          Sometimes if the cable coming from the machine is slightly loose this will happen. Check your cable. If that's not the issue then make sure the sound mixer on your machine doesn't have one side brought down.


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            check the tubes.
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              Sounds like you have a shorting cable on that side. Try jamming the cable into the speaker a bit and see if it comes back.

              Every computer speaker I've ever owned w/ attached cables developed this crap.
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                check the tubes.

                Good idea, it's usually the tubes. I'd also try replacing the quieter speaker with something more efficient like a celestion blue or a g12h30.

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                  The speakers I have at work do that from time to time. It's a dirty volume pot thats doing it in mine's case.

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