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xmas stuff on shelves for past 3 weeks


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  • xmas stuff on shelves for past 3 weeks

    in the big,MERRY XMAS

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    Retail industry knows that the one quarter that supports them for the other 3 quarters is going to be ****************ing horrible. Like nude chainsaw massacre style horrible.

    Every company, especially retail, licks their lips come October (beginning of the 4th fiscal quarter). For this is the time to move product and make most of their money.

    My bet is they know that there sure aren't going to be a whole lot of sales or commerce. So they're starting early, start getting the consumers in the mood to buy and spend. Only problem is, that ain't gonna happen this year.

    Places like best buy are gonna take it in the ass the hardest.

    No big tv purchases.
    No new gaming devices are out, so there's no buzz.
    No one is going to be buying expensive "consumer electronics."

    should also be prepared that metric ****************tons of juveniles and young adults are finally going to be feeling the economy as well.
    A: I just lost my SWEET job at best buy bro! What's happening here?!?! There's a recession? Wut?

    B: how come there's no presents under the tree? Mom and dad better be joking, if I don't get the new release of call of duty modern anal bleaching pt. 9, imma snap on a bitch!

    Ahhhhhhhh yes, Xmas season in a recession. Can you smell chestnuts roasting over an open fire?