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Immortal busted using fake amp stacks

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  • Immortal busted using fake amp stacks

    My life was just flipped, turned upside down and I didn't even have to move to California. It just took one photo, a dozen instant messages, and a handful of emails to confirm that I've been lied to by musicians.

    My first reaction when I saw the photo above was to believe that it could be fake, but several searches for more information led to the same answer: It's from a summer performance of a band called Immortal and it's real. The band had used a fake wall of amps for some reason
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      That's really not that revolutionary.

      At least they have real amps there, even if they're not using them.
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      Originally Posted by RaceU4her

      i have 12,000+ posts at HCAF, of course im a ****************ing tone guru


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        again??!? you mother****************ers need to stop posting your ****************ing chainmail from your mom.
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          This is getting OLD. Next person that posts that pic should be banned
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            This isn't news. Motley Crue used walls of fake cabs over 20 years ago and lots of people knew about it.

            For that matter, why not listen closely to some bands' more recent DVDs of concerts. Doctored out the wazoo; most of the performances are replaced with studio recordings except for the odd key thing which they did a bit differently live (so there's some verisimilitude). Not that this didn't happen before, but it's even more blatant now, and it's a very common thing. So when you hear your favorite band's DVD you waited a year for them to release (I wonder why it took a year, lol!), if it sounds like the guitars/drums/vocals are as good as the're most likely not hearing what happened live.


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              ****************ing hilarious

              James - why are people selling their Peters amps off?


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                So LOG's DVDs really aren't as good as they seem?! Thank god! I was afraid I'd have to quit playing forever as I figured it was impossible to play that precise live.

                Unless they are the exceeption...

                EDIT: ENGL Powerballs, eh?


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                  Old news is old.

                  It's been done countless time by bands of different genres.
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                    Worst offender: KISS

                    Big fan of KISS: Abbath


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                      ****************ing hilarious

                      James - why are people selling their Peters amps off?

                      No one wanted to buy mine.


                      OHHHHHH.... Nevermind.
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                      Originally Posted by Guitarist+

                      I don't need your empathy.


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                        How bad ass would it be to line your bedroom walls with with those things?


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                          Jeeze, what we really should be talking about is all that ****************ing smoke from the smoke machine. I'm sure that isn't very good for our ozone!


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                            How bad ass would it be to line your bedroom walls with with those things?

                            Well, I know I've seen wallpaper or something you can get like that. I tried a google search and couldn't find it though...but it's out there somewhere.

                            As for the OP....this is not anything new. Some bands will in the very least, stack unloaded "dummy" cabs (I think Slayer does, for one). I mean think about it...sure, it looks awesome, but really...think about what that stage volume would be like! As if sound doesn't suck enough at half the venues out there?! Really, running like 10 full stacks live would be completely unnecessary, and a logistical nightmare on many, many levels.
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                              Are you ****************ing serious? I saw this four months ago. And this is the third ****************ing thread this week.