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If you like hard rock you will love this band


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  • If you like hard rock you will love this band

    This is one of my favorite bands just thought I would share em with you. They never made it big, but wrote great songs and the singer has one of the best rock voices around imo.

    I present to you, The Exies:

    Check out my clips at:

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    yeah they def ROCK

    thx for the tunes


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      those clips rock!!!!!!!!


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        I've heard a few of their tunes on the radio -- they do sound pretty good. Nice straight ahead rock with some pop-sensibilities.
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          I got to play a show with them a few years ago! Great band, cool guys too.


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            Cool band! Thanks for posting!

            The singer's definitely got a kind of Scott Weiland thing happening, very cool!
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              Cool band!


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                Cool tunes. Thanks for sharing.

                Why is the one guy wearing a shirt in the first vid that says "Pirates" backwards? Inside out? Mirror effect? Image flip?
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