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I don't usually GAS for stuff, but....


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  • I don't usually GAS for stuff, but....
    Yup. PM inbox is full.

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    I have played exactly ONE San Dimas Charvel in my life, and it was quite possibly the best guitar I've ever had in my hands. It was this deep burgundy color...the dude that owned it, sold it...and never called me to let me know that he was thinking about getting rid of it.
    Originally Posted by jnurp

    murdoch always brings teh lulz.

    Originally Posted by RockStarBassist

    Also MurdochV wins thread.

    Originally Posted by sleewell

    Murdoch'd = when you think you have something funny to say only to hit post and that son of a bitch said it 10x funnier.


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      I have a black I can't bring myself to buy's really close to the one I already have.

      Just wanted to show you guys how stupid cool this thing is...Not spam.
      Yup. PM inbox is full.


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        I've never had the chance to try one (yet), but I can totally see rockin' a San Dimas ... However, I've never been able to wrap my head around the one-pickup config. Just tossing a neck single coil (for a random example; any pickup will do) in there *doubles* the capabilities of that otherwise fine axe...

        That one sure is purty, tho
        Originally Posted by nightflameauto

        You'd think the guy that argues faith as logic would let us all believe in the unicorn.

        Originally Posted by draelyc

        None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here posting to you. You're locked up in here posting to me.

        Originally Posted by LoopQuantum

        I'm helping you, for the future. This way, instead of humping life's doorknobs, you'll perhaps someday open one.

        Originally Posted by nightflameauto

        Hardvalve is like Nelo without the class or intelligence.
        Think about that and try not to get an aneurysm from it.



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          I've always wanted to get a So-Cal with a quilt-top/trans finish or an ash body; like a nice burst.

          I've only really connected with, like, two of Charvels stable of colors. The burnt-orangy one in particular.

          Real nice though; I've been wondering if I could trade my S prestige with sustainer to somebody for one.


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            hmmm, i honestly dont know if i dig the black which is odd for me, i just kinda link those charvels with 80s neon colors.


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              Originally Posted by Rampage

              **************** cleans, play distortion?

              Originally Posted by RiffDaemon

              The scratchy high-end sounds like a wreck in Excitebike

              Originally Posted by buddhapaugh

              I had a nightmare experience like yours, Nerine, when I was in my late 20's/early 30's and was doing the tag-team thing with my buddy over the toilet. Now that was something----

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                i love its simplicity. and quality.


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                  If I weren't giving Fenfer my moneyz, I'd probably have one of those by nao.

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                  Originally Posted by Phrophus

                  Look man, if RSBro is telling you not to give in to the pimp side and keep it rational, I'd listen.

                  Originally Posted by Holy War

                  I thought you were black for some reason...

                  Originally Posted by Murdoch

                  Not to be a dick, but you're a pretentious douche, and a closet Periphery fan.

                  Originally Posted by jnurp

                  im in nyc, you are in texas, will a long distance relationship work?


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                    Check out my clips at:

                    Originally Posted by RockStarBassist

                    You've pretty much just become my new Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. And you can sig that.

                    Originally Posted by richardcouch

                    mother ****************ing finish 1 mother ****************ing tune

                    Originally Posted by Murdoch


                    nurp, you could jarsquat a wine barrel if it was filled with gear.

                    Originally Posted by abecon5

                    do me now. you are my kind of whore.

                    avoid at all costs: Jbrazz, Indianscout and Aporcelainsky


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                      Nope. Metal. Understated, simple. Metal.
                      Yup. PM inbox is full.


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                        gimme the green quilted one... in red or burst quilt and we'll talk
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                          i like these


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                            I had the dual humbucker version of that guitar. It is VERY nice. The neck is pretty fat though, just so you know.
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                            Originally Posted by cobrahead1030

                            Gibsons are like that crazy ex gf, the one you'd wanna strangle on a daily basis...but was dynamite in bed.

                            She always calls up during a dry spell, and ya have to hit it one more time.

                            Originally Posted by Mr. Brady

                            This is the reason modelers don't sound good. They don't have a standby switch modelled so the virtual tubes never get a chance to warm up.


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                              OMG DO WANT!

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