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    I mean wtf? The obvious answer is to start masturbating and your not getting the point. Starting hitting on chicks. I'd get naked. Chicks will want to bang you.


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      maybe go to the bathroom and see for yourself if that little note in the stall advertising "the best" blowjobs thursdays at 5pm REALLY is real............


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        Fart, **************** your pants, masturbate, randomly vomit on nearby students
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          Bomb Threat,

          after said masturbatory activities, shooting your load in aforementioned old bitches eye.


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            Prepare a grocery list for the rape van.

            then fap.
            Some guys like a challenge. Not me.


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              It took 14 posts for someone to suggest something other than masturbation.

              I love this forum.


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              Originally Posted by guitarbilly74

              That thing tickling your throat? It's my cock in your mouth, suck it. Suck it good.


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                Play tug of war with cyclops.
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                  What a single minded bunch. It scares me I feel at home here....
                  Originally Posted by TheEternal

                  Can't you just let Jesus melt your face?

                  Originally Posted by Neilrocks25

                  life's too short not to eat bee's

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                    Look out the window and yell rape van .
                    Then when people look just say you were mistaken .
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                      Wiggle your dick
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                        He's too busy flogging the pumpkin.
                        Some guys like a challenge. Not me.


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                          The answer is so obvious... Stand up in front of the whole class and have a show and tell about your dick.. Tell them you pet name for it,how proud of it you are, what accomplishments you have had with it,etc.. then invite chicks to come up and touch/stroke it

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                            Take a break and have a blumpkin
                            ...^excuse the apathy^...

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                            Originally Posted by NaturalBornBoy

                            Life gets boring with a rig that can kill small children???

                            Originally Posted by Help!I'maRock!

                            The only thing i get is the "why do you need more gear" line. I ask her why she needs more shoes, and the subject is quickly dropped.


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                              so did you fap, or were you a total pussy and just sit through class?
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                                bodes very well for the future of the world. Strong fapping skills....knows jack ****************.