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  • GMajor-2

    I have not heard a lot about this processor. Anyone using one? Thinking about using one to use with my JVM for live use...
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    The major complaint on the Internet is it has some slow switching between presets.
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      I got one. Haven't noticed the switching to be slow at all, TBH.

      Very nice unit with very smooth, hi-fi sound and won't color your amp's tone (unless you want it to). Relay switching is extra-sweet too, as you can have it switch amp channels with your presets!

      I recommend it.
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        i have a gmajor 1 and it was a great combo with my JVM
        in the serial loop it killed ALL the noise to
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          I got a G-force for sale cheap....


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            I have one and I love it. The only lag in switching I've had is when I'm heavy on the phaser/flanger.
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