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    we all know whats up there.

    you know, if dunlop came to you and said they'd offer you money, expoure, and free picks EVEN IF YOU DON'T REALLY NEED MORE OF THOSE THINGS, you'd probably still do it.
    why not, right?
    honasty is my only excuse right?

    they're smart, they work hard, they're rich, and they've made a biggest musical impact that all of us combined ever will.

    haters goin hate.


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      His real secret was hours of tantric wanking.


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        i want to try those carbon fibre ones
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          V Picks FTMFW
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          Originally Posted by picker304

          If your small print is intended for me may I say you make no sense and your pic is sickening. If Harmony Central allows this I wouldn't want to be a part of it anyway. Sickening man!

          Originally Posted by RupertB

          Angry bowel movement faces while playing guitar or GTFO.

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            Finally, i'll be able to play Metallica songs.
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              Dude, I'm still trying to learn the intro to Enter Sandman!


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                V Picks FTMFW

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                  Yes, this was the secret.

                  No, this was...

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                  Originally Posted by oinkbanana

                  PITA that i can't find something with some girth that i'm happy with.


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                    Finally, i'll be able to play Metallica songs.

                    Just add venom!!!
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                      So lame.


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                        So these are the Ultex Sharp pic but with his dumb artwork..? Either way, I think the Ultex Sharp picks are great.. I switched to those awhile back and they are indeed much stronger, for example the .73 is much more rigid than a comparable tortex or Nylon .73.. And they definitely add a very precise pick attack.. Last pretty long too..

                        -Dimarzio Paf 7-$45 or trade for a Duncan custom 7

                        -Mick Thomson Blackouts set- $110 or $100 for just pickups, no pots/harnesses

                        emg 81 or 85. $50. I'm keeping one, so whichever one sells first..

                        -Ibanez Ts9- like new $60

                        -Modded ProCo Rat (pm for info) $70

                        pm for pics

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                          Kevin Karr says:
                          September 21, 2010 at 6:52 pm
                          Yeah!!!! Those picks look great. Great job as usual Dunlop. That is why you are the kings

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                            I wonder when he ditched the green .88 tortex. I ****************ing love those .88s!
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                              Good Deals

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                                jokes aside, I want to give these picks a try.