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Marshall JVM 205 Head reliability

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  • Marshall JVM 205 Head reliability

    Does anyone have experience with the JVM series especially the 205 head? It has pretty much everything I am looking for and the price is not bad. If reliability is not an issue I am going to order one!

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    I have used mine every week for the last two years at band practice and done probably over 30 shows with it. It has never let me down and has only required a tube change in that time.

    It also sounds really good which is always a bonus. Having the switchable modes and master makes gigging a breeze, plus the onboard reverb is really nice.

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      My friend has it for about a year, and he gigs with it regularly. It's already versatile as is, and when I brought in my TC Electronics G System, it made it a much more formidable rig.

      In short, we GASsed each other

      You won't regret it. He originally had a 4x12 with Vintage 30's and G12T-75's, and now he rocks 'em with Greenbacks. Sounds killer either way.
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