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Recommend me a Pedal Board. GO!


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  • Recommend me a Pedal Board. GO!

    Budget: $150
    Preferrably something with a patch bay and power, but I'm open to most suggestions.
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    I bought this used in perfect condition for like $100. I love it, but the patch bay is worthless junk on mine so I don't use it. The power section of it is great.

    It's a Furman board.

    (this is just a random pic I found, not my actual board)

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      Gorm from IKEA along with a 1-spot.
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        I got both of my Pedatrain PT-1's from guitar center for 120 and they came with a Hardcase. I think its a running in store deal.
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          I don't know how many pedals you have, but an 18" puma board is $150.
          I have a few amps, several pedals, and a few guitars.

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            a gorm shelf from ikea, the braces that go with it, a little bit of ingenuity and time.

            Then get a 1 spot or 2 and BAM. Powered pedalboard.

            And it'll end up costing you maaaaaybe $40 total.
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              I don't think that I'm overall interested in the IKEA gorm board thing. I guess I'd have to see one done up really nice before I decide on that route, feel free to post pics of your gorm boards! I have a hand-made board that "works," but I want something more substantial with it's own power, preferrably some sort of power conditioner. I also don't really have the tools to build my own.
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                FX forum has discussed this ad nauseum or whatever. and they have alot of pics too!


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                      I have 4 boards dependant on what I`m doing, the Pedal train Pro with two voodoo labs PP2`s attached for my larger gigs, a great board if not a little heavy with 16 pedals on board, I also have 2 BC 60s and a BC 30, great for smaller gigs


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                        Ikea gorm + 1-spot
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                          I don't think that I'm overall interested in the IKEA gorm board thing. I guess I'd have to see one done up really nice before I decide on that route, feel free to post pics of your gorm boards!

                          Go here.
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                            Another vote for Pedaltrain and a One Spot or Godlyke Powerall. You could do the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power II as well. It's much tidier, but way more expensive.

                            The Pedaltrain is light, indestructible and comes with a case. I found one on FleaBay for a really good price.
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                              Ikea Gorm + Voodoo ISO 5 or PP+

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