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  • Mark knob positions?

    Hey all! I didnt see anything worthwhile in the archives so, here we go. I need to mark the knob positions on my amps to make set up go faster. In the past I just eye balled it, but it always seemed kinda dumb to do that. It would be nice to be able to put marks on the amps backplate a position and just be able to line up all the knobs to them and be done with it. Like most people tho I dont want to put any permanent marks on my amp; settings change and amps get sold/traded. On the flip side, it would have to last for a while to be worth it. Ive got a few OK ideas, but does anyone have a great method for this?

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    Piece of gaffer's tape and a sharpie should do the trick. Get the neon gaffer's tape so you'll be able to make it out easy in low light conditions.


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      Photo them on your phone so they're always with you. We've done that with our PA and I did it on my bass rig - it really is a timesaver, especially if a 'guest' comes up to play.
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