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Non-boosters: What amps are you using?


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    God damn I need an ampeg ss/vh
    Mark iii, unboosted (usually)

    Yes you do, get the SS150, the best of all the Ampegs.


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      6505 212 combo at home, and 5150 half stack for the band...straight up metal tones!!!
      Peavey ESP DiMarzio

      I get my tubes from should too!!

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        Dual Rectifier into a mills 4x12

        Ultimate sag with tube rectifiers. Sounds massive as hell.
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          Mesa Stiletto Deuce and I just recently got a Rivera Knucklehead 100R

          Alice in Chains CoC Down Seether Nirvana Pantera etc... Type stuff

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            Ever since I got my JCA2112RC my 808 has been collecting dust.
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              Great posts guys. I've been a big booster for a really long time now, but today I did some major tweaking with my Mark IV. For some reason, I'm afraid to turn my gain too high, so I tend to keep it at a comfortable amount, and boost over the top with an OD with my amp set to triode. Earlier today, I tried leaving the boost off, and turned the gain and drive up a bit, and set it into pentode. My tone had a really good amount of tightness, and being a Mark IV, had plenty of midrange all on its own. I don't know what to think now, the school of thought of how I approach my tone has been shattered. For hard rock, anyhow. For drop tuned metal, I'd probably still use my boost.
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                Orange Rockerverb 50.

                I guess I'd say I go for a medium-high gain sound most of the time which doesn't kill the articulation in complex chords and also that isn't so bassy that it competes with a bass guitar because everything has to stand out when you're doing counterpoint. Unfortunately I haven't really even been in a band since I got the damn thing so I don't really know how well that all actually works out in reality.


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                  Peters Chimera or Hydra. No boost needed. There's a ton of usable gain that doesn't muddy up. Every knob on my Peters is usable in it's full range.


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                    Peters Chimera or Hydra. No boost needed. There's a ton of usable gain that doesn't muddy up. Every knob on my Peters is usable in it's full range.

                    Does it also make toast?


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                      Einstein; for high gain I go for an 'old school' high gain sound. No drop tunings, hearty mid range and moderate bass and treble. I guess hard rock or 80's/90's metal .
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                        Laney GH50l, i play mostly modern rock and hardcore, tuned to C#.

                        I've never been into boosting, i dont think it sounds as open or as natural, i understand that some amps need boosting but for my style it just doesnt work.
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                          an amp which require a boost pedal isn't a good amp, Engl here


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                            See sig. I like Classic rock/Modern rock tones.
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                              RG100es does the 80's metal and 70's/80's/90's hard rock.. Also .. if you roll off the volume some.. Gives some OK blues tones
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                                Pitbull Ultra Lead into a vader 4x12. USA Jackson King V with duncan invader tuned down to c#. Definitely no boost needed for death metal. Well i use one for leads but thats it.