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Marshall Plexi: How does it sound?


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    a 30 watt plexi clone will get you a similar sound, but no where near a similar feel


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      I've had 2 vintage moderns (i thought the first one was defective, it wasn't). They are nothing like a plexi, or any other Marshall that I've ever played. I understand there are a few people out there that like them, but don't buy one thinking you are going to get anything resembling a plexi sound out of it.

      Thank you

      It puzzles me when fans of that amp claim it nails the Plexi tone in spades. I think the VM is misunderstood by a lot of players. It's a decent amp and all, just not really similar at all to an actual Plexi.
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        the Plexi is one of the least compressed, open sounding amps out there.

        this is why I like them so much. The compression is actually desirable when it happens because it delivers this amazing chewy lower midrange that no other amp I've heard can produce.
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          I have had great success with my Mojave Plexi45. They are expensive new and rare to find used (I got lucky!), but it was the best money I have ever spent on gear. I jumper the channels and run the treble channel dimed and the normal channel on about 3-4. Then I clean it up with the guitar volume. Sounds perfect to my ears.

          The power dampening on the newer Mojaves allows me to run pretty quietly if I need to and still sound fantastic. I'm not going to say that it sounds as good running at 2 Watts as it does wide open. However, I never have to turn the dampening down very much for gigs anyway. I usually run it about 85%. Just played a gig Saturday night in a small-ish bar and had it running nice and loud. It didn't hurt at all that we were running our own sound .

          The only thing I put in front of it is a Zvex Box of Rock if I need a little more gain or volume boost. That pedal doesn't change the tone of the amp at all, just makes it bigger.

          Sorry, just spitting out stuff randomly as it comes to mind. I'm so happy with my Mojave that I can't think straight.
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            Crunch box, Bridge pup and a 40 watter.



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              18W Marshall. Gets the job done at lower volume.


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                This close ? Can't remember if I used mv or non mv mode .
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                  Who can tell on a forum about tone.



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                    it's the best sounding amp ever made, marshall got it right the first time, Im talking about the jmp mk2 and also the jtm 45's the jcm 800 is't a plexi, this is the year they switched to pcb's and some crappy digital stuff in the circuit, jcm800 sux big time! they are weak and thin sounding, stay away from them, unfortunately you gotto crank these old amps up to get saturation and they are LOUD! it's unplayable without a attenuator of some sort but I hate attenuators cus they mess up the tone, but what can you do? that goes for all of these old amp, I would love one with a master volume, but so far I haven't seen one, have a look on you tube, there are plenty of sound samples there

                    Crappy digital stuff? lol

                    Also the late JMPs and early JCM800s are more or less identical. I do prefer the earlier JCM800s though, I think. Earlier JMPs are kind of in between, sound pretty good.


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                      but I think everyone's idea of plexi is EVH's sound of a marshall on the verge of meltdown.

                      Sorry, can't sympathize, I'm an:

                      All other tones < Early EVH

                      type of dude. So keep the melting Plexi's coming.

                      Crappy digital stuff? lol

                      Agreed. If you don't know the difference between analog solid state and digital, you have no business whatsoever talking amp technical details.


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                        Was going to post something along these lines.

                        Take the next with a grain of salt as I've never played a plexi:
                        The Marshall Vintage Modern is supposed to be Marshall's own PPIMV "vintage" style amp in the vein of the Plexi and JTM45. The store guy where I bought it is a cranked plexi kinda guy.

                        He *hated* the VM.

                        Now, I love mine, but I put two and two together which makes me think a cranked plexi doesn't sound the same as a PPIMV-modded uncranked plexi.

                        The VM sucks balls and sounds nothing like a JMP.

                        Non Master Volume JMP's (what most of you guys are calling Plexi) can sound great with an attentuater or master volume mod. I can get great bedroom tones with my Superbass:


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                            Soooooooooo, would a 1959SLP with attenuator/MV/PPIMV sound similar? This plexi gas is chewing my nuts
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