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Marshall JVM205 VS Jet City 50W VS Orange TH30?


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  • Marshall JVM205 VS Jet City 50W VS Orange TH30?

    I am about to buy one of the three amps. Tried the JVM 205 and love it! Didn't have a chance to try the Jet City and Orange, but from these two Youtube demos, they sound awesome to me as well.

    I play pop/rock and 80's hard rock. Reliability and tone are the main concerns here, and I don't care about features and prices. Which one should I get? Thanks!

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    Im in the same boat as you. Im planning on picking up the Orange th30 i hear great things about the new model. I mean FX loop switchable down to 7watt to 15 on up to 30. They have great tone the clean channel is even sounding great on these things.. Id say play all three but IMO i would just for that orange. It will do pop/jazz all the way to metal.. You can always throw a EQ pedal in front and get even more tones out of it.. I wont lie to yea i have been debating all this for months now. I will be picking a th30 asap..
    Thanks to who put that orange amp pic up. looks good as my avatar lol
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      i really like the jvm205, its a great amp that has lots of great sounds on board. Wasnt hugely keen on the Thunder30, its a bit boxy sounding even when pumped up through a 4x12.
      I've only tried the JCA100, i liked it but i didnt like it as much as the JVM, but i think that was more a preference in voicing. They all seem to be well built, if you tried the jvm and liked it, thats probably the one to go for.
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