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It takes me forever to get anything done.

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  • It takes me forever to get anything done.

    But I think this is a pretty positive step in the right direction. Spent some late-night time in the last couple of days setting things up proper in my basement. Never had my stuff organized before, and it feels nice to.

    I've got my old ghetto pc about 15 feet from the amp corner, with the API a2d in the rack connecting to the pc via spdif. And with that mic hanging there, I should be able to record on a whim.

    I've got another recording setup upstairs for any acoustic stuff I want to do. That basement room is reverb-y as hell, though I hope it won't matter too much when close-miking.
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    It's all wrong! Do it again!


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      The only thing I'll be redoing is the pedalboard. Want it to look nice 'n tidy. All else is purrfect.
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        Hey, I thought this was pretty cool!

        Last bump tho, I'll let it die if it must.
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          Do it again!


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            Law Enforcement Against Prohibition


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              Lol, I'm tryin' to help ya out.


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                Get a prescription for Adderall. Docs hand them out like candy. It makes you extremely motivated and organized.


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