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Oooh look - Apple being scumbags again!


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  • Oooh look - Apple being scumbags again!

    Apple has filed an 873-page briefing paper to the court laying out its claim to exclusive use of the name. Sector Labs is due to file its paper arguments in early October. The documents will be sent to the US patents office which will judge their claims.

    They must not have heard of Line 6 I guess?
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    Steve Jobs and Bill Gates can both go take a long drive on a short bridge.
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      Apple can suck my dick.
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        does that mean they'd have to change the name of peapods?
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          Why all the Apple hate? I don't have ANY Apple products in my house so I have no idea why you guys have all that hate for Apple, Jobs or Gates.
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            Yeah they're ****************************s.

            I liked this article it linked me too, though:

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              does that mean they'd have to change the name of peapods?

              I just checked the term pod on wiki.
              It's right down there at the bottom, 4th the technology section.

              The courts should be fining them heavily for wasting their time with a bull-**************** claim.

              Are they gonna ask to change the name of apples as well, to avoid customer confusion? Oh my apple wont boot up, it just sits there being all green, though it does taste nice.
              Do they really get many support calls saying "my pea-pod won't play my mp3s"?


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                **************** apple and their ****************ing monopoly business model

                They should be the ones taken to court
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                  They must not have heard of Line 6 I guess?


                  Apple employees in the States get 40% on Line 6 gear.
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                    I'm gonna get slayed for this but I agree with Apple. Anytime you hear anything "_____Pod" the first thing to come to mind is Apple. Line 6 gets a pass because the word pod is used first. I know it may sound silly but Apple has spent a fortune branding their product and branding is extremely important especially at the level that a company like Apple is at. Anything that remotely causes any confusion should be forced to change it. If someone was to say to you "there is a new Video Pod projector coming out" (that is what it's called) you would first think/assume it was an Apple product they were talking about until you got further details. That is a business no no. Besides, Sector Labs has to know that and they are just trying to capitalize on the association, IMO.

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                      Why should a company not be allowed to protect it's copyright?

                      Those who disagree with this are free-market/capitalism hating terrorists. Or just don't know about copyright law
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                        branding being 'extremely important' for apple only goes to show that the company is no longer in the business of selling machines, but fashion. they weren't the first company making mp3 players and they weren't the first to use the word 'pod'.


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                          **************** Apple


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                              I wonder if Ma BELL and co's will sue the **************** out of Apple for using the word "PHONE"

                              Kotex going to sue Apple for using the word "PAD"

                              **************** Apple