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Weekly SPAM Thread 9/27/10

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    All prices include shipping unless otherwise noted. No trades. Buy more than one item and I will knock cash off.

    Digitech Whammy - Newer Version - Very Minty - $160
    Red Witch Fuzz God - Version I - Minty - $160
    2x Weber Signatures 12S 12" 25 Watt Speakers - 8 ohm - Light Usage - $20 per speaker
    Vox AD50VT 1x12" Modeling Combo - Dusty but Good Condition - $175 - If shipping, we will split the cost.
    Ion DM01 Electronic Drumset/Machine w/ 5 Pads + 2 Pedals - Good Condition - $120 - If shipping, we will split the cost.
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      For trade/ sale:

      Boss GE7 EQ pedal. very good condition- SOLD

      Fender Texas Specials Tele Pup set- installed in 1 guitar, very good condition- $75 shipped/ paypaled

      If you're near the Raleigh, NC area- local trades/ sell:
      Fender Hot Rod Deluxe MIM- SOLD
      Fender old assed Fender Bronco SS combo, old and beat but functional- $75

      pics available upon request. im pretty open to trade offers. boosts especially.

      PM me.


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          Tavish McSiggy


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            Line 6 Spider Jam 75W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp $300 shipped! (lower 48)

            Got this less than 3 weeks ago as a gift and although it sounds amazing, I really don't need another recording device. It seems like a waste to just use it as an amp when I already have two other combos. I literally played it for an hour and never even recorded anything, so the jam and recording features are unused and none of the programmable presets have been used either. Comes in the original box with the manual and unsigned/unregistered warranty card. The only difference between this one and one in a store is the price! If you're not familiar with these, here's the specs...

            Terms: I accept Postal Money Orders only. No Paypal. Personal checks are ok if we've done a deal before. Price includes UPS ground shipping with insurance & adult signature required (someone will have to sign for it) in the Continental US. I am NOT interested in trades. Price is firm!

            ALSO FOR SALE....

            2 Minty fresh geetar pedals for sale...Both are Like New with no scratches or flaws and have never left my home or been gigged with.

            Zoom 505 II - Like New. Comes w/original box & manual

            33 effects, 36 patches, 12 distortions, chromatic tuner, etc.
            Runs on 4 AA batteries or AC adapter (not included) - $40
            [COLOR="Blue"]*Price includes Free Priority Mail Shipping

            Whirlwind Selector Switch - Like New. Silent A/B box
            Runs on 9 volt battery or AC adapter (not included) - $60
            A great Silent A/B box currently $109 on Musician's Friend
            [COLOR="Blue"]*Price includes Free Priority Mail Shipping

            Prices are firm & include Free Priority Mail shipping (USA sale only).
            I accept Postal money orders. No Paypal but I will accept Amazon gift cards
            via email if you prefer to pay online and save a trip to the post office.

            Thanks for your interest. Sorry - NO Trades!

            Please PM questions or to arrange purchase.


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              Selling a very good condition G-Major. Includes power cable. $200 obo, only trade I'd be interested in is a pair of 8 ohm 12" speakers.

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                So Im looking to sell or trade my Engl Savage SE and a few other things, here is a link to the ad

                EH English Muff'n $100 shipped


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                  I have this listed on Buffalo, NY craigslist... I'd rather not ship it, but will consider it at the buyers expense.

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                  Voodoo Amps Witchdoctor / Germino Club 40 / Voodoo Amps SL Straight 4x12 (greenbacks)
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                    Rocktron Deep Blue Stereo Chorus - Mint

                    $30 Shipped


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                      10$ Shipped
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                        Need to sell soonish. MWFX 8-bit Fuzz, version 2, modified for a boss style power jack which isn't a standard feature. Sounds, well, like a video game. Starts off sounding normallish, then the note starts glitching, then starts dropping down octaves. Super trippy! Quite a steal I must say, just selling since I well, need money for another pedal lol. $80 USD shipped foo! I like giftfs, they're pleasant but not needed'd if you don't trust me.




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                          Lado Earth 2003

                          It's the blue one!
                          Dimarzio Super 3/PAF pro
                          Handmade in Canada
                          Comes with OHSC
                          $1,300 or will consider trades for amps or guitars. Specifically, I've been looking for a JCM800, Vintage Modern, or a JVM, but I'd certainly entertain other ideas. Tell me what ya got.
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                            [COLOR="Green"]SIG SIG SIG SIG SIG SIG
                            Join us at:



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                              How much are you looking to spend on the 18-200?

                              I have one that I might be tempted to sell.

                              Originally Posted by thegumbootman

                              I managed to not say the word "****************" until I was 18

                              In primary school when my friends discovered swearing, I thought "I've never said the f-word before. I'm never going to say it". I wanted to say it when I got older (mostly because my friends would nag me about saying it), but I just didn't want to end the streak of not-saying it

                              I ended up accidentally saying it to my girlfriend at the time. I said "Someone told me that Ben got with a really fat girl and he titty-****************ed her"


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                                My top-priority trade would be for a HSS strat, but will consider other Fender guitars as well.
                                Got a Peavey VTM? Let's trade. Carvin x100b? Ditto.
                                Got a really nice preamp? Will also consider other guitars.
                                Just offer me anything, really, worst I can say is no...
                                Or if you got something that you think I oughta be dying to have, then offer it. Maybe I'll say yes.
                                really just looking for a trade, but I guess if I have to sell it then $335 shipped would do.

                                Midnight wine color, MIM
                                this has schaller straplocks.
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                                Originally Posted by Ovid9

                                I thought it was more the fact your walls were covered in pictures of skinny guys with long hair.

                                How did you fap in a room like that?

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