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Weekly SPAM Thread 9/27/10


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  • Weekly SPAM Thread 9/27/10

    I had a signature once...

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    Council tax is due, and I'm saving for a multi channel amp head, preferably with MIDI, such as a JVM, 6100 or Trilogy in the region of
    Akai SynthStation 49 Keyboard

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      Soldano Atomic 16 1x12 combo in purple tolex. Great condition. Pix to come.

      USA Wolfgang Special stop tail, gold. $475.

      Budda Phat 12" 8 ohm speaker $50. Pix available.

      1978-79 Ibanez Acoustic. Made in Japan.
      Huge moustache bridge.
      Includes hardshell case.

      Buyer pays actual shipping.
      Paypal gift or add 4%, or U.S. Postal money order.
      ebay user ID=guitup


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        Fulltone OCD v4, excellent condition, velcro on bottom. $110 PP'd, shipped

        Trades: Might consider a tremolo pedal, but don't need anything else.
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          Ok, here's the deal:

          I need pedals. I don't need three guitars. I will miss my tele with a fierceness, but **************** needs to get done some times.

          You will be getting this, a 1997 American Telecaster in fiesta red. This guitar plays and sounds better than any tele I've put my hands on, bar none. My cell camera sucks, but I have an HD video recorder and can take ample footage of the guitar for you:

          I want to get as close to a full board in as few transactions as possible. So, the more of this stuff you have, the better

          WHAT I WANT:

          -EHX Deluxe Memory Man or Deluxe Memory Boy. Possibly an Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport Jr. Would obviously prefer the DMM

          -EHX POG (original, full sized) or Foxrox Octron. Would much prefer the POG.

          -I need a phaser that is capable of being very slow. Possibly a Phase100? I don't know, show me what you've got. Can a Deluxe Electric Mistress phase very slowly? If so, I'd want that. Big pedals ftw.

          -I need a trem. Preferably one without a volume drop.

          -I need a solo boost. Something as simple as an LPB-1 may suffice. Possibly a Way Huge Pork Loin, Vexter SHO, MXR/CAO Boost, Xotic RC Booster. Maybe a low gain od like a Boss OD-3. You get the idea.

          -I need one or more good overdrives or fuzzes. Things I have liked in the past: Vexter Box of Rock, Fulltone OCD (v3 or v4), Crowther Hot Cake, HBE Powerscreamer, Fulltone FDII Anniversary, Xotic AC/BB, Timmy. I've been told that because I like the Fuzz Factory, I may like silicon Fuzz Face type pedals. So hit me with those I suppose. And anything I may have not mentioned that might fit within these molds.

          -Possibly a wah.

          Dual overdrive/boost pedals are also cool, in that they will fulfill both roles. However, they need to be controllable independently if possible.

          I'm not brand loyal, so hit me with some ideas. I'd love to try out stuff I've never gotten to see before (a lot of the EQD stuff, Keeley stuff I've barely used, etc)

          Will consider selling for $700+shipping ROCK SOLID FIRM.
          ORANGE AMPS
          Good Deals

          Winner "Best Multi-Amp Rig" 2012 BOTR

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          I never called myself "Love Panther" or "Commitment Panther".

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            For sale or (partial) trade

            Washburn N4 Swamp Ash Nuno Bettencourt model - $925 shipped or trade/partial trade

            I'd mostly be interested in a neck thru Epiphone Firebird. I've already got several Agile Les Pauls so I don't really need any Les Pauls. Not into 'pointy' guitars so no flying V's. Might possibly entertain a tube amp head or something like a Peavey Classic 30, Egnator Tweaker.

            Replaced the Bill Lawrence bridge humbucker with a Seymour Duncan Trembucker. The picture shows the back tremolo plate missing. I do have it, just not attached. I am missing the tremolo arm. Guitar also includes case.


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              OLP MM1 Floyd - $175 shipped (lower 48 US states)

              Awesome guitar. Trying to fund a laptop and still have one more of these. This has a fantastic birdseye maple fretboard (doesn't really show up in the photos). Logo removed from headstock. Not a true floyd but a licensed by floyd. Guitar is in really good shape. Your typical feather scratches. Do not have back cover for tremolo.


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                Sovtek Mig 50h in original oak headshell. Newer tubes, loud as hell. Little wear on headshell. No trades please.

                $350 + shipping


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                  Bad Cat Cub II from 2007, near new condition.

                  1325 shipped or partial trade for your budda sd18 combo plus cash.

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                    Who wanted the ISP Decimator? I got one. Shoot me a PM

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                      Siggy sig sig.


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                        i'll trade my black parts for chrome.

                        i need a gibson t-o-m for a gothic explorer. i have the stock black one, low E saddle needs to be replaced. and 2 black stop tails. 1 set of studs for the stop tail and bridge.
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                        I wonder what a persons life must be like if they're so easily affected by my posting on an Internet forum.

                        Originally Posted by Rear Naked

                        I saw 2 guys do it, and all they did was laugh really hard and say What The **************** a few times. No deaths or near-deaths occured.


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                          PM me if interested.
                          Guitars:Gibson Les Paul Standard FadedFender Roadworn '72 Deluxe TelecasterKramer StrikerAmplification:Titan Custom RetrofitRandall R412CSOfficial member of the Ninja Lows club


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                            pics or it's for sale...or something like that

                            Bugera 6262 up for sale. Great shape for $400 paypalled and shipped. Works as it should and sounds great (especially with an eq in the loop). Comes with footswitch with clean or lead channel selection, footswitchable reverb and effects loop. I swapped out preamp tubes and I believe I have a 12at7 in V1 slot to lower the gain just a hair. The clean channel sounds nice and takes pedals great and the lead channel is really close to the amp it emulates.

                            Also up for sale is a Fulltone Clyde wah for $100 paypalled and shipped in the lower 48. It has velcro on the bottom and doesnt have the bottom 2 rubber feet. Sounds awesome and does a great funky wah tone.

                            I have sold and traded stuff on here but cant honestly remember who with. My ebay username is guitarsgamesandcds and I have 100% positive feedback. Drop me a line here or at if you have any questions.


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                              sig...would do a partial trade on the Dr. Z for a 65 amps SoHo head though
                              A telecaster is the only guitar I need.

                              Originally Posted by CS

                              So the question is live now or live later?

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                              MAKE AN OFFER!
                              Dr. Z Maz 38R 2x10...$1350
                              Pedaltrain Pro w/SC...$145