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    color: blech
    floyd: blech

    I like Kelly's but hardtail and not that color.
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      I don't know whether his was USA but I believe it looked like this

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      I thought it was more the fact your walls were covered in pictures of skinny guys with long hair.

      How did you fap in a room like that?

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        It's green, therefor you will at some point wish it was black.
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          myself 15 years ago would think that it's awesome.

          I'm old now and I don't like pointy guitars anymore.

          I do like the color but I think it would look a lot better if it faded to black around the edges


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            I don't know how people over 13 like guitars that are shaped like that. That's my opinion.
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              I don't know how people over 13 like guitars that are shaped like that. That's my opinion.

              ****************ing punks with their pointy guitars, in my day guitars were round and God damn it, we liked it that way!
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                I don't hate it, but it's not something I would play anytime soon. So, there's my opinion.

                pretty much same for me. I dig the guitar but I'd take a good Explorer ANY day over a kelly.
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                  A bump up for the evening people.
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                    Well I rep Jackson pretty hard, but I'm not really a kelly man.

                    Also, I would never go for one with a flamed or quilted maple top. Most of the current production Jacksons use horribly thin fake looking veneers. The only production line guitars that had legit tops are the 90-92 ATs (Although I'm not sure how thick the tops on the USA Slats are).

                    If you are willing to spend the money for a new USA and you're looking for something really over the top Ikebe has some nice Japan only stuff (7 string too).
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                      Cool guitar, but I dislike green guitars.

                      Thats what i was gonna say.


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                        Love the KEs... wouldn't be the colour I'd pick, though. I tried a Japanese one in green, was pretty nice, but I'd probably go blue.

                        I don't know how people over 13 like guitars that are shaped like that. That's my opinion.

                        And I don't understand how people don't. Granted you can go too pointy (though that's subjective), but the KE is well on the right side of "too pointy". My opinion.
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                        Originally Posted by mseriously30

                        Do it. I've always used 11's.

                        I played a guitar the other day that was set up with 9's and I felt really manly after that experience.

                        I just thought I should share that.