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Egnater Tweaker on the way.


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  • Egnater Tweaker on the way.

    I tried one of these out at GC and found one on Ebay about $50 cheaper barely used with free shipping so I bit.

    I loved the sound of the thing in GC, but I couldn't help thinking that the matching Egnater cab that's often demoed with it kind of holds it back.
    It's this closed back affair that sort of creates that boomy bottom but sort of stifles all the great overtones. I understand the appeal of closed back cabs for high watt Marshall stacks....but for low wattage amps I kind of like the open backed sound of vintage Fender combos.
    Anyway anyone else out there with one of these? What do you use with it for best results? They seem like a great deal for all the versatility you get.
    Lots of great tone in a small package? Should I have spent more for the Rebel 20? I didn't hear much differece between the 6V6 and El84 mode with that one to warrant running FOUR power tube continuously in terms of maintainance and energy wasted. Any comments about this amp?
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