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Twin Reverb RI vs. Classic 50

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  • Twin Reverb RI vs. Classic 50

    Alright, I'm rounding that age where my back is starting to hurt and I want to settle down with a combo to take to practice and most of all play at home. I also want it to be gig ready. I play gigs all sizes, from 10 to 300 people; sometimes mic'd sometimes un-mic'd.

    I want an amp that has a good pedal platform, and I play a lot of time based effects. What im trying to ask is can the peavey do fender? because i don't want to break the bank but I also don't want to settle myself short.

    does the twin just out perform the peavey in all ways?
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    The twin will break your back...

    I use a 50 watt 1/12 combo for outside 2000 folk outside gigs. As the soundman to put a bit in your monitor.

    For smaller gigs, turn it up a bit. Sometimes I bring a 1/12 extension cab.

    I don't miss the twin.

    Old bassman heads are perfect for what you're describing.
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      The Twin will always have that shimmery clean sound... that is what they do. They are great at it. That tone is an institution.

      I find a Classic series amp to produce a more usable distortion from the amp, I have owned multiple old Fenders and now multiple Cllassic 30/50's. The clean sound might be a bit more rounded out and darker to some.

      I run a Classic 30 head into a 212 cab and it is great mic'd or not in small rooms around the size you are talking about. I would think a Classic 50 212 with the open back would throw out PLENTY of sound. Still not light though.

      If that little oc means Orange County, head over to Jim's Music in Tustin, they have Classic series amps in stock, so you could give it a listen.
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        peavey doesn't do fender. better than some, but not the same. i've had the classic 20 and 50.. when my ears adjusted to the sound of them, i realized they sound very different from fender's amps.
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          peavey doesn't do fender. better than some, but not the same. i've had the classic 20 and 50.. when my ears adjusted to the sound of them, i realized they sound very different from fender's amps.


          Deluxe Reverb Reissues are suggested for this size of venues. Neodynium speakers are lighter and still sound great if you're looking for weight relief points in Fender amps.
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            I'll be a heretic, and suggest that you try a solid state. Like a Henriksen, JazzKat or an old Peavey. They have really great clean tones, take pedals really well, and tend to be a lot lighter than tube amps.
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              I remember playing a blonde peavey classic 50 w/ an sg type guitar but I remember itt as more of a warmer/dark less attack than maybe a twin. Perhaps I was judjing it on my HIWATTs.

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                Peavey delta blues with a 15 sounds darn nice.